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What is a triple pane window?

Each sheet of glass is referred to as a pane or glazing. Double-pane windows are made up of two panes of glass with a space between them. Triple pane windows have three glass sheets and there are spaces between each of them. Every additional pane of glass helps keep your home insulated.

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Argon Gas

Instead of filling the spaces between the panes with regular air, we use a substance called Argon Gas. This is because the gas takes longer to heat up and cool down compared to regular air. In other words, it helps slow the process of temperature transfer from the outside to the inside of your home. Triple pane windows offer an added advantage with three panes and two chambers filled with Argon Gas. These windows allow you to enjoy fantastic energy efficiency and more comfortable home.

LoĒ-180 Coatings on Triple Pane Windows

When shopping for a triple pane window replacement, it's a good idea to consider LoĒ-180 coatings. This coating might look like a bit of a tint but it is actually applied during the manufacturing process. Unlike post-factory tinting, LoĒ-180 coatings are part of the glass itself. They are ideal for windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight and will help keep your home cooler in the summer by reflecting UV rays. They also help keep heat inside during the winter. Triple pane windows with LoĒ-180 coatings offer more insulation and energy efficiency than double-pane windows which is why they are such a popular choice.

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Noise Reduction

Three sheets of glass mean three layers of protection against outside noise. Not to mention the fact that you will keep noise inside should you wish to turn up the volume while watching a movie or listening to your favorite music. Noise reduction is a benefit that everyone loves!

Triple Pane Window Replacement Investment

While it's true that a triple pane window will cost slightly more than one with two panes, it's important to understand the benefits of your investment. The comfort you will enjoy and long-term energy savings make these windows more than worthwhile. This is especially true when it comes to the extreme climate we experience in Canada.

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NorthShield – The Real Deal

Quality is an essential aspect to consider when buying triple pane replacement windows. At NorthShield, our triple pane windows have an overall thickness of 1-3/8 inches. The insulated air chambers alone are ½ an inch thick. Inferior products might be cheaper but they only offer an overall thickness of 1 inch.

Professional Window Replacement

For best results, professional installation is ideal. At NorthShield, our team is professionally trained and experienced in removing old windows and installing new replacement windows with absolute precision. This ensures that the windows operate properly and offer maximum insulation. We dispose of your old windows too!


Triple Pane Window Manufacturing

At NorthShield, we proudly manufacture all windows and doors locally. Manufacturing all products in Canada allows us to pass on the best prices to our customers while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Health Smart Triple Pane Windows

Condensation results in mold which is a health risk. Prevent mold-causing condensation when you choose Health Smart Windows from NorthShield. Our windows do not have metal spacers that encourage condensation. Instead, we use a proprietary foam spacer. This ensures proper insulation and prevents condensation as well as mold.

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Lifetime Warranty on Triple Pane Windows

We offer a transferrable lifetime warranty on every triple pane replacement window at NorthShield. Enjoy the luxury and quality of our windows along with absolute peace of mind.

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Google Rating
Jeff Love
a week ago
11 new windows, 3 entry doors, 2 patio doors, phenomenal look and installation. Hydro bill dropped significantly even with the increase in rates. Team was fast and efficient. Broke one window and had it ordered and installed within a few days! Will use these guys for all my future window and door needs! A++++ experience.
Sanjay Tamang
4 months ago
Love our new windows and doors. We had all our windows replaced on the main floor, side door and front door, as well as the storm doors. The installation team was great. They removed the existing awning and were really great at cleaning up after the work. There were a couple of issues after the install, but the after sales service team of Alex and Walter were able to resolve it promptly. Great advice from Walter about keeping the humidity inside the house to maintain the windows, and also how to operate them properly. And thanks very much Alex and team for buying the doorbell and installing it for us, as well as fixing the bottom part of the door frames to cover holes on the flooring. Appreciate all your hard work and for going the extra mile. Will definitely recommend your company to friends, neighbors and family.
Nadine D
in the last week
Jim came by to give us a quote on a window and door he was very friendly until we sat down and decided what we wanted in are window and door. He was saying that are home was not are forever home. Insulted our house how does he know this is not our forever home very rude. Then he ask us the other company that came by we told him and the quote that they gave us, and he started being argumentative saying that it cant be its too low they cant be cheaper then me. And also pushing us to get a storm door which we said we just want a door then he said if we go to home depot there doors are not good. Sorry but dont want someone that insults are home and is rude instilling are window and door.
Thomas Carlyle
2 months ago
NorthShield did an excellent job with our house. They were the lowest price our of 4 companies I contacted for quotes. The windows look beautiful, and the molding is very well done. The installation was very quick, they replaced all of the windows in our house in about 4 hours. They cleaned up everything completely afterwards inside and outside, you can't even tell they were here! Very professional, very high quality installation, materials and work. I would highkly recommend them.
John Rawson
3 weeks ago
Firstly, I received a quote from Northshield in September - When I called to go forward with the windows it was early November and the price had jumped up close to $1,000. We had many quotes for windows, Northshield was not the cheapest but I went with them due to good reviews. They seem to have an issue with customer service as my windows were ready for over a month with no installation date in sight. I called and left several messages trying to get an idea of installation date before anyone called me back. The only reason I am giving more than 1 star is because the final product and installation team was good, aside from the slight crack in one of my frames and the mess left behind in my yard including many cigarette butts. In the future I will be going with a different company and would not recommend them.
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