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    We provide fast glass repair services for various windows, patio and front doors in Winnipeg. Cracks, chips or foggy glass in your window or door can be a result of factors beyond your control like accidents, vandalism, age and wear, structural issues and more.

    If you notice a crack, chip or sealed unit failure, regardless of the size, call us for emergency glass repair in Winnipeg. Our team will be able to offer quick repairs or glass replacements, so you don’t have to worry.

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    Glass Repair Services In Winnipeg

    emergency glass repair

    Emergency Glass Repair in Winnipeg

    Wherever there’s glass, cracks have a knack for making surprise appearances. That’s precisely why NorthShield Windows and Doors provides a comprehensive range of services to address all your residential and commercial glass repair requirements! When it comes to reliable repairs and glass replacements in Winnipeg, you can trust us for:

    1. Residential glass door repair & replacement
    2. Commercial glass door repair & replacement
    3. Storefront glass repair & replacement
    4. Window glass repair & replacement
    5. Patio glass door repair & replacement
    repair or replace window glass

    Glass Repair or Replacement?

    Diagnosing damage to your window and door glass can be challenging without professional assistance. Determining whether a repair or replacement is needed can be confusing. Fortunately, the experienced team at NorthShield Windows and Doors has years of experience handling glass cracks and chips. They possess the expertise and equipment required to quickly assess the problem and propose effective solutions.

    Whether you require a simple repair or full glass replacement in Winnipeg, the NorthShield team is equipped to deliver on-site solutions. With choices for double and triple pane, you have the opportunity to opt for a long-term, cost-effective solution by considering an upgrade.

    Q & A

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I receive an estimate for my damaged window or door over the phone or online?

    While we can provide a rough estimate remotely, the final cost is determined after an in-person assessment. Various factors impact the repair or replacement decision, and a physical inspection ensures an accurate evaluation of the damage.

    Is it possible to replace just one pane of glass in a double-pane window?

    Replacing a single pane in a double or triple-pane window is rarely feasible. These windows are sealed in a controlled environment to trap air or gas between panes. Once the seal is compromised, water and staining create a hazy film that cannot be perfectly cleaned.

    Do you offer glass replacement in Winnipeg for sliding door glass?

    Yes we offer patio sliding door glass repair services, this includes the complete replacement of the glass if the damage requires.

    How long does glass repair in Winnipeg take?

    The repair duration varies based on the damage extent and material availability. NorthShield prioritizes quick turnaround times for emergency glass repair, ensuring that your window is repaired promptly without compromising quality.

    Can I attempt to repair broken glass on my own?

    Repairing broken window or door glass is not recommended as it demands specialized tools and expertise. Opting for professional glass repair services is crucial to ensure correct and safe window or door restoration. DIY attempts may lead to suboptimal results and potential safety hazards.

    Is There a NorthShield Showroom in Winnipeg?

    Yes, there is! You can find us at 1645 St. James Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3H 0X1.