Windows and Doors Warranty


NorthShield warrants that the installation of the Products shall be done in a good and workmanlike manner and warranty shall be provided on the Products as follows:

warranty details

* Stress/pressure cracks covered for 1 year after the date of the completion of the installation. All screen repairs are covered up to 60 days from the date of the completion of the installation.
** Stress / Pressure cracks and/or shattering covered up to 1 year from the date of the completion of the installation. Any coloured door that is covered by a storm door has Limited Warranty
*** No Warranty coverage if the sweeper is damaged due to ice buildup. Storm Doors are 3 season, single glazed units, and under certain circumstances some air and / or water infiltration may
occur which is not covered by this Warranty.

A. At no cost to the Purchaser, within 1 year after the date of the completion of the installation, and upon request of the Purchaser, NorthShield shall provide a onetime inspection on each and any of the Products. All other inspections shall be subject to an assessment charge per visit, and all other labour shall not be covered under this Warranty, and shall be billed to the Purchaser and shall be due and payable within 30 calendar days of delivery of an invoice. Any payment not made within 30 calendar days of delivery shall be subject to interest at the rate of 24.0% per annum (2.0% per month), compounded monthly.
B. For the terms of this Warranty to apply for installation defects, the Purchaser must provide, within 30 days of discovery of the defect, notice to NorthShield of said defect(s). Upon receipt of the notice, NorthShield shall, in its sole discretion:
i. Furnish labour to repair any such installation defect; or
ii. Replace the defective Products.

In no circumstances does this Warranty require NorthShield to undertake or effect repairs to or in relation to:

C. Installation, service, or Products that have not been paid for in full;
D. Installation or product failure, or loss, due to;
i. Structural settlement or movement, vibration, excessive heat, high humidity, or latent defects;
ii. Structural deficiencies stemming from non-compliance with Municipal Buildings By-Laws, the Manitoba Building Code, and or the Manitoba Building Code Regulations;
iii. Water leakage not caused by installation of the Products by NorthShield;
iv. Acts of God including, without limitation, fire, heavy rainfall/ snowfall, hailstones, ice build-up, floods, falling trees, lightning, or any other Acts of God, war or other violence, any law order or requirement of any governmental agency or authority, or the omission of the Purchaser or their employees or agents;
v. Accident, misuse, abuse, alterations, improper or insufficient maintenance (in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines) by the Purchaser, or improper handling, operation or cleaning caused by or on behalf of the Purchaser;
vi. Improperly installed security systems or damage caused by security systems;
vii. Failure of the Purchaser to utilize proper maintenance, and/ or improper or insufficient maintenance (in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines);
viii. Normal wear and tear;
ix. Minor imperfections in glass that does not affect the Good’s structural integrity or significantly obscure the vision of same;
E. Size discrepancies that are within the permitted range as prescribed by the CSA;
F. Installation of non-NorthShield products that were purchased separately by the Purchaser;
G. NorthShield products that were installed by a third party; and or
H. Claims of unsuitable style, operation or design after the installation of the Products ordered according to the Agreement.
I. Routine wear and tear of sweeps, hinges, weather-stripping, corner seal pads, hardware and other door components

I. In the event that the industry and/ or manufacturer alters or otherwise changes their warranty policy, NorthShield shall change their policies to be in accordance with same as it pertains to the Products and this Warranty herein, and in such case NorthShield shall not be held accountable or liable.
J. In the event the Purchaser sells the home for which the Products have been installed, all the obligations of the Purchaser and the terms of this Warranty shall be binding upon any subsequent homeowner provided that the Purchaser and subsequent homeowner provide written confirmation of same to NorthShield within 30 days of the possession date of the home. Any prior acts, omissions, defaults or waivers of the Purchaser shall be binding upon the subsequent homeowner. If the Purchase fails to provide written confirmation to NorthShield within 30 days, this Warranty shall be void.
K. This Warranty herein may be terminated and become null and void at the sole election of NorthShield in the event that the Purchaser/ subsequent homeowner commences litigation against NorthShield without first pursuing the recourse made available under the terms of this Warranty.

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