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At NorthShield, we understand the importance of proper door installation. You need expert installation services that ensure the highest-grade product that prioritize your family’s safety. The combination of precise measurements, skilful craftsmanship, and reliable installation means that your NorthShield windows and doors will fit and function beautifully for years to come.


    The process starts with carefully taken measurements. Each house is different and each window is crafted to fit perfectly when replacing an old window. Care is taken by our professionals to ensure that precise measurements translate into a perfectly-fitting window, which is then skillfully installed.

    By providing energy-efficient windows and doors, we help our customers save money by using less energy. But our commitment extends further: we dispose of your old windows in a responsible way. That is North Shield’s way of doing our part to protect the environment.

    There’s more to installing a window than simply putting it where the old one used to be. It must be carefully aligned and stabilized within the opening and properly insulated. What’s more, finishing around the window must be installed in a way that blends well with the existing decor of your home.

    At NorthShield, we mind our manners! We clean up after installation is complete. Because our mess should never become your mess. We do the job right and don’t leave an unnecessary mess behind. Just another way that we provide unparalleled service to our clients.


With the right window installation experts, no task is too big. Our windows and doors will add value to your home and provide lasting protection. It’s exactly what your home needs to withstand those harsh Canadian weather conditions. Let NorthShield’s experts take care of your windows, so you never have to worry about them again. From large sizes to custom shapes, NorthShield Windows and Doors have the right solution for your home.


We specialize in Canadian manufactured windows & doors with thermal and sound insulation to help Canadians stay safe during extreme climate conditions. To ensure maximum safety and comfort, we offer the ultimate in quality and design, including high-quality triple pane windows for added protection. Aside from beautiful design and sound insulation, our windows will help you preserve energy and save on those high monthly bills. Get a Free Estimate Today!


We’re here to make sure your windows never fail you, which is why we provide you with the safety net you deserve. All of our windows and doors are locally manufactured, and our factory direct installation means that we can cover all of our work with a lifetime warranty. Our high standards mean we offer only quality products, while local manufacturing ensures low prices for our customers! Let NorthShield provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve! Check Out Our Amazing Windows


Replacing old and outdated windows is our speciality. Our professionals will help you keep your home protected with long-lasting, high-quality windows that are worth the investment. We`ve got you covered throughout the year with stylish products and the latest in low-E technology. When you choose NorthShield, you get a partner that has your best interest in mind. Your home deserves the best, your home deserves NorthShield! Give us a call at (204) 272-3725 so we can schedule the free site visit and non-obligatory consultation.


Basement windows are often neglected and forgotten, even though they play a pivotal role in preserving the energy in your home. NorthShield`s experts will help you find the right windows for your basement and install them with ease. We also safely dispose of the old ones, so you don`t have to worry about a thing! Find out why we’re one of the highest rated Canadian window replacement companies. Experience the NorthShield difference today!