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    Storm doors help keep the elements out by providing an extra layer of protection between your home and the surrounding environment. Great for insulation, storm doors trap a layer of air between them and the entryway. Not only does this barrier help repel wind and snow, but it also minimizes thermal exchange, making it a great choice for improved insulation.

    Storm doors are sold only with other door or window purchases.


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    There’s no better way to get a quality storm door at an unbelievable price than by opting for locally manufactured, Canadian products – NorthShield Windows and Doors offers you just that! Some homeowners want an extra layer of protection from the elements. This is why we manufacture storm doors that provide them with the insulation they are hoping to acquire. Our top-quality storm doors will keep the unwanted temperature at bay, making you a far more comfortable, and happy, homeowner. Why Do You Need a Storm Home?

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    Full View storm doors allow for maximum light entry. Available with a range of etched glass designs, they are the perfect addition to your entryway. Contact NorthShield for more information and a free quote for your new storm door! This is the ideal option for homeowners who are only looking to hold back unwanted temperatures while still enjoying an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Most Popular Storm Doors Styles

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    Hi View storm doors combine the best of both worlds, with a great view on top and a screen section at the bottom for ventilation and air-flow. Outsmart the elements with a Hi View storm door by NorthShield, available with a range of decorative etched designs. Contact us today! The Hi View storm door is the ideal option for anyone looking to achieve maximum comfort without sacrificing too much of the view. Take the space between your entryway and storm door to a whole new level with this storm door. More About NorthShield Windows and Doors

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    The Self Storing storm door offers a great view and adjustable mesh screening to allow for airflow. With a double-leaf hinge, you’ll have the strongest storm door on the block. Contact NorthShield today for a free estimate! Improve the security around your storm door with the One Lite Storm door. This is an additional layer that can be easily added to your storm door, and thanks to its durability, it will give you peace of mind. Our Door Configurations

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    The Self Storing storm door offers great ventilation without having to lose a glass frame. With glass frames from top to bottom, you won’t have to sacrifice your view with any features that may get in the way. Even though this door doesn’t obstruct the view, that doesn’t mean it won’t do a good job keeping the unwanted weather out. This storm door has all of the features along its frame to ensure that you will remain comfortable. Read About our Energy Efficient Doors

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    Beautiful and functional, the Tri-Lite storm door is a well designed, modern-looking storm door that combines decorative glass paneling with adjustable meshing for airflow and ventilation. Contact NorthShield today to get a free quote and learn more! The design of this storm door also gives you another layer of security and more protection from the outside elements. This is a great option for the homeowner who wants it all with the storm door they install in their home. Contact Us For Free Estimation

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    NorthShield’s storm doors come in a variety of colours, including brown, black, mill plain, commercial brown, grey, sandalwood, and white. Sure to complement your existing decor and style, our products function beautifully and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. To learn more and to request a free estimate, contact NorthShield today! We are all about giving our customers a choice, the choice to have their home their way. Some people want a brown storm door, while others want a white storm door. No matter what kind of storm door you want, you can find it when you come to NorthShield. Our experts will work closely with you to help you find the perfect windows and doors for your home.  Check Out Our Colours Doors Collection

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    From handles to sweeps and everything in between, NorthShield offers the best in beautifully designed and durable hardware. We ensure that your hardware functions just as nicely as it looks. Contact NorthShield today to learn more about hardware options and to request a free, no-obligation estimate! Give your door that additional flair that sets it apart from the rest. Hardware may seem like a small design element, but it goes a long way towards giving your door a unique look and feel. We can help you find the hardware piece that pairs perfectly with the storm door that you choose for your home. Our Hardware Options


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