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Like single slider tilt windows, double slider tilt windows offer the utmost in airflow while still being easy to operate and a breeze to clean. This is due to the simplicity of this window’s styling and adaptability. They are an ideal solution in cases where space is limited, and these windows can easily be installed anywhere in your home. For an organized, unobstructed view, opt for NorthShield’s large selection of double slider tilt windows. Each one comes equipped with a full interlocking system for increased security, and interior glazing with co-extruded flexible seals to eliminate leaks. Contact NorthShield for a free, in-home estimate today!


Our double slider tilt windows are an excellent choice for beautiful views and ventilation. When you need your needs windows to be installed, you can trust our experts. Each window is professionally installed by highly trained professionals! We'll come to your home for proper measurements and efficient window replacements that are made to fit.




Our double slider tilt windows are made right here in Canada, guaranteeing factory-direct prices and quality you can trust!

Our team is committed to excellence in everything we do - and this includes manufacturing our windows. Whether it's our double slider tilt windows or another one of our vinyl windows, we work to build windows that are durable, look great, and will last you a long time. When you go with windows from Northfield, they will be the last windows you will need for a long time. So don't hesitate, contact us today to find the perfect windows for your home.

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At NorthShield Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver the same amazing results with each window installation.

With a focus on durability, quality and design, our windows are crafted to ensure the comfort of your home and keep you safe no matter what the season. Take advantage of our free in-house estimate and discover the NorthShield difference!



What are the advantages of double slider tilt windows?

Double slider windows help you control air flow and provide a pleasant, healthy interior environment. The vinyl frame in NorthShield’s double sliding windows comes with insulated chambers and energy efficient Low-E glass.

What are the special features of double slider tilt windows?

Double slider windows (as the name suggests) open using a sliding mechanism and tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance. This makes them a highly durable choice for your home as they glide effortlessly.

What’s the difference between single slider and double slider windows?

Double slider windows offer the same versatility and low maintenance as single slider windows, but with added airflow as there are two movable sashes instead of one. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Are they prone to leaks?

Due to the way that these windows operate, some people might be concerned with air and water infiltration. This couldn't be further from the truth. Leaks are not the result of the style of the window but rather its quality and whether or not it has been installed properly. These windows are designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and are no more prone to leaks than any other style.

Are they easy to clean?

Keeping windows clean on the inside is usually easy. It’s the outside that can prove tricky. Double slider tilt windows are easy to operate, and the tilt action means that you can clean the exterior side without exiting your home! This is particularly advantageous for those upstairs windows.

Where should I install double slider tilt windows?

Finding the right window for the right spot is essential from a lighting, ventilation and aesthetic perspective. Double slider tilt windows are great for any location that has limited vertical space but plenty of horizontal space. Think of it as turning a vertical window sideways! These windows can be used in just about any room of your home including your living room and kitchen. The location will depend on the amount of space you have available. Since they slide, you also won’t need to worry too much about furniture getting in the way. So, even if your lounge suite has particularly high backrests, you can still enjoy the benefits of this type of window.

Do double slider tilt windows offer enough security?

Safety and security are essential for all homeowners, and no window should ever compromise this need. Double slide tilt windows are fitted with appropriate locking mechanisms to offer the same level of safety as any other kind of window.

NorthShield Windows and Doors is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of double slider tilt windows from which you can choose. We are always happy to provide free, in-house quotes as well as expert advice and answers to all of your questions.

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Double Slider Features


Removing the screen is a snap! Easily removable for cleaning, NorthShield’s snap-in screen is highly durable!


Condensation on windows can lead to harmful mold growth, but NorthShield has a solution to this pesky problem! While traditional windows use metal spacers between the panes of glass, NorthShield's Super Spacer Health Smart Windows use a proprietary foam spacer that insulates between the panes, reducing condensation and preventing the formation of harmful mold in your home.


LoÄ’-180 glass keeps your home warm during the winter and cool during summer. Proudly offered by NorthShield, LoÄ’-180 glass helps you enjoy savings on your energy bills year-round without sacrificing the beauty of your windows.


All of our windows are backed by a transferrable lifetime warranty. Enjoy peace of mind in addition to beautiful windows and energy savings year round!


Choose from over 35 colours of vinyl for your double slider tilt windows. Create a look that truly reflects your taste and style!


Easily clean your double slider tilt windows from inside your home. Forget about climbing tall ladders and using other gadgets – safely and easily clean your windows with NorthShield!