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There are many things that can go wrong with your windows replacement in Oakbank. You may choose an inferior quality material. You may decide against upgrading the type of windows you have and this may prove to be unwise in the near future. The installation of windows can be flawed and this will lead to a myriad of problems. You need to plan every step of the way to ensure impeccable windows replacement in Oakbank.


    Bringing the average cost of your energy bill down is a great feeling. Our windows have the latest energy efficiency technology to ensure that you will save money down the road.

    The team at NorthShield is consistently rated highly by our customers. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are getting everything they need from us.

    Our reliable windows replacement service in Oakbank ensures that all the fixtures are installed perfectly. We aim for structural, functional and aesthetic perfection.

    We offer an extensive consultation right at your home to help you become familiar with all the options. The consultation is absolutely free and it is non-obligatory.





Which type of windows you should choose, who you should hire for the job, the exact cost you would have to bear and how you should go about cleaning & maintaining the new installations after windows replacement in Oakbank are matters that will only need to be considered at a later stage. At the outset, every homeowner needs to understand their options, the limitations posed by the circumstances and what can be the best solution given the compulsions and preferences. One cannot just install any type of windows in every home. The existing structure and layout of the property will matter. The type of windows you have right now, which have to be replaced, cannot be dismissed or discarded entirely. You will have certain personal preferences and your property will pose certain compulsions.

For all your window replacement needs, call our team in Winnipeg.


As a homeowner, you may or may not be aware of the various types of windows you can consider in Oakbank. You would need comprehensive guidance to understand the different forms and styles, the materials and the implications every installation would have for your property. We offer an extensive consultation right at your home to help you become familiar with all the options.

The consultation is absolutely free and it is non-obligatory. Our consultation follows a complete inspection of your property so we can recommend the best options. The inspection and consultation is followed up with an in-home estimate. The estimate is personalized to meet your needs and the kind of preferences you would have. This estimate is also free and non-obligatory.

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If you have ever hired a doors and windows company before, then you are perhaps aware that most are installers. Regardless of the experience such technicians would have, most do not have anything do with manufacturing the windows or doors. They have no control over the materials and they actually procure everything from manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors. Some may even procure their supplies from retailers. We at NorthShield cater to windows replacement in Oakbank using a completely closed supply chain wherein the materials are moved directly from the factory to your residence. We manufacture vinyl windows in Canada. We do not procure any material from a third party. We are able to offer you the finest prices by sourcing the material in-house and moving it from the factory to your home. We don’t have to rely on an elaborate supply chain and we don’t need to pay multiple commissions in the process.


Unless windows are damaged in a storm, blizzard or another catastrophic natural event, you should not have to worry about the strength, endurance and durability of the fixtures. In some cases, windows do get damaged if there is a structural problem. For instance, problems in the foundation of the home will cause windows to warm, jam and in some cases break down completely. Any external cause of property damage may also end up destroying the windows. These are extreme scenarios and also quite rare. The most common reason why windows don’t last a lifetime is the fixture itself. The material may be inferior, the windows may have been installed poorly, there may be some flawed components and improper use will also damage windows.

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Window frames
25 years warranty.

Window hardware
25 years warranty.

Window glass
25 years warranty.

Window installation
15 years warranty.

Window colour
10 years warranty.

Entry doors frame
10 years warranty.


“Great service. Replaced 6 windows and patio door with NorthShield Windows and Doors. Eugene was amazing in providing the estimate and Brad and the team came to install it, everything was installed within 6 hours and they cleaned after they were done. Thank you guys.”
“Great experience with them! Everything from the salesman (Walter) who came to our home to the office staff that set up our installation to the four men who installed the windows has been handled professionally. Very happy with the overall process.”
“We had our front door replaced in mid-September. First off, Rod who sold us on North Shield gave us a great price and was really nice to work with. Our installer Cody was very professional and very friendly at the same time. He did an excellent job. We’re so very happy. Thank you NorthShield.”
“Great workmanship! The crew showed up on time, they were friendly as well as professional. their work was efficient, fast and clean. Russ explained operation of the windows after and if there were any problems they would fix them right away. I would highly recommend this company.”
“This is a very professional company and i loved the guys who did the job. They did an amazing job and I'm very happy that i choose to work with NorthShield company. They did for me 15 windows and it looks great. In addition they gave me a very responsible price. Can't Recommend Highly Enough!!”
“I would highly recommend NorthShield Windows and Doors to anyone looking to have their windows replaced. They were so friendly, efficient and CLEAN!! They exceeded all my expectations. Not a single piece of garbage was left behind. The quality and care they put into their work is amazing!”

Prices By Window

$2000 - $4000
$2900 - $5000
$420 - $1100
$420 - $1100
Fixed Casement Window
$350 - $850
Single Slider
Tilt Window
$400 - $950
Double Slider
Tilt Window
$420 - $1000
Single Hung
Tilt Window
$410 - $970
Double Hung
Tilt Window
$420 - $970
$400 - $800
$540 - $1200


Prices by Room

We specialize in expert window installation for any room in your home. The boxes below show an estimate range of window installation costs for particular rooms. To find out more, click on the box you're interested in, and contact us for a detailed quote.