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Single slider tilt windows are ideal for areas of your home where maximized air-flow and a beautiful view are essential. Easy to operate and easy to clean, the single slider tilt windows from NorthShield Windows and Doors combine functionality with an appealing design. Because they are operated by a single sash, these windows tilt inward for easy cleaning and fresh air flow into your home. In addition, a full interlocking system and heavy-duty triple weather-stripping on the sash maximize air and water tightness. Contact NorthShield today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


When you contact us for your window replacement needs, you can rely on our experts to professionally install new windows in your home. Our stress-free installations ensure that you get high-quality windows in your home that will last for a long time.




There’s really no better combination than local quality and factory-direct prices when it comes to single slider tilt windows! NorthShield offers the best of both worlds with locally manufactured windows!

Our team aims to manufacture a wide array of windows that appeal to any taste. We have a number of different windows for every home. When you visit our showroom, you can expect to find many vinyl windows that are all built to improve the curb appeal of your home and the overall comfort of your home.

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Take a look at how NorthShield installers go about installing new windows in a home. Professional installation is standard for all of our windows, including our single slider tilt windows!

With a focus on superior design and quality, we offer durable windows that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to get a free estimate and experience the NorthShield difference!



What are single slider tilt windows?

A single slider tilt window is basically a variation of the double slider tilt. Instead of having both sashes sliding horizontally and tilting in, the single slider only has one movable sash. Northshield’s single slider windows slide effortlessly and lock securely when tilted in. This type of window can be either coupled with our fixed windows, or coupled together with other single slider windows to make for better airflow.

What are the advantages of single slider tilt windows?

Beyond aesthetics, slider windows have many advantages. They are easy and convenient to use, and they have fewer parts than conventional windows, which makes them a cost-effective and durable choice for residential and commercial properties. Another benefit of the single slider tilt window is that, because of the tilt functionality, it is extremely easy to clean. Plus, they require very little effort to open and close as they are lightweight and glide along the frame with ease.

What are the special features of single slider tilt windows?

A single tilt slider window opens horizontally (side to side) One sash is movable and the other one is stationary. The movable sash tilts into the room for easy cleaning. Simple and convenient, single slider windows are a practical solution that offers ventilation and ease of operation. This type of window is ideal for larger openings as they maximize space through their simple sliding movement. Single slider windows available at NorthShield Windows and Doors are made from energy efficient Low-E glass that offers higher energy rating, along with weather stripping and easy-to-operate hardware.

Where to install single slider tilt windows?

Slider windows look good anywhere. Because of their design and ease of operation, slider windows allow for great visibility and air ventilation. In your home, these windows look great in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room that needs a practical, yet stylish finish.

Which is better, single or double slider tilt window?

Slider windows are the perfect solution for adding airflow to tricky and tight spaces. The main difference between the two types is in the movable sashes - while the single slider window has one movable sash, double slider has two, which allows for more control over airflow. As far as appearance goes, there are no significant differences, and the price is largely determined by the size of the window and the type of frame you choose.

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Removing the screen is a snap! Easily removable for cleaning, NorthShield’s snap-in screen is highly durable!


Traditional windows use metal spacers between the panes of glass, which can lead to condensation and subsequent mold growth. NorthShield's Super Spacer Health Smart Windows use a proprietary foam spacer that insulates between the panes, reducing condensation and preventing the formation of harmful mold in your home.


LoĒ-180 glass is designed to keep your home warm by preventing heat loss during the winter months. Similarly, it deflects the sun’s heat and UV radiation during the summer months. Enjoy savings on your energy bills year-round without sacrificing the beauty of your windows by opting for NorthShield's LoĒ-180 glass.


All of the single slider tilt windows from NorthShield are backed by a transferrable lifetime warranty. Enjoy peace of mind in addition to beautiful windows and energy savings year round!


Choose from over 35 colours of vinyl for your single slider tilt windows. Create a look that truly reflects your taste and style!


NorthShield’s single slider tilt windows are easy to clean from inside your home without the need for a ladder or other equipment.