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    It is imperative that you hire a local windows replacement company, one that has been in business for decades. NorthShield has an impeccable track record and has more specialized expertise than any other company operating in the capital or the entire province of Manitoba.

    NorthShield Windows and Doors is Winnipeg’s choice when it comes to replacing old, warped windows and doors. Your home is your safe-haven – why let poorly insulated windows and doors affect your day? Our experts can install brand new vinyl windows and entry doors that will instantly improve your Winnipeg home!

    Since you may not be aware of all the variants of common types of windows that you can choose from, you need an expert to help you navigate the options.

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      The combination of premium vinyl and triple glass windows would ensure you have stylish and functional fixtures that would be safe, secured and facilitating energy efficiency.


      We get to ensure absolute control on the quality of our products. This is what enables us to offer all our clients across Manitoba a lifetime transferable warranty.


      We have our manufacturing facility in Canada where we make the finest quality vinyl windows. We also specialize in triple glass windows whose insulation has no equal.


      Our expertise and experience are unmatched. All our installers undergo extensive ongoing training and we do not hire any subcontractors. We take up full responsibility of the materials we provide.

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    Windows and Doors Installation



    Any half baked approach to windows replacement is bound to be futile or at least less rewarding than what you would want your investment to be. You cannot solely prioritize money because it may lead to a compromise in quality of the windows you choose. You would not want to invest in new windows again for years, realistically decades. However, you cannot spend a small fortune if you don’t have the provisions for it. There has to be a fine balance between cost and quality. Then there are many quintessential attributes that every new window must possess. The windows must be effective with the resulting insulation. They should be safe and secured. They must be desirably functional, based on your preferences and needs.

    Window and Door Replacement


    We at NorthShield have a proactive approach wherein we understand your needs after visiting your home, studying the layout and the type of property you have, assessing the possibilities and then consulting with you to make note of your preferences. We put forth our recommendations that would be completely personalized based on your preferences and compulsions if any while ensuring they satiate all the prerequisites. Both the site visit and the consultation are free and completely nonobligatory. We do not come up with any quote prematurely and we do not indulge in speculations. Every quote we offer is customized on the basis of the actual choice and the scope of the project. Subsequently, you can assess our proposition and decide the course of action.

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    NorthShield is the most reliable windows replacement company in Winnipeg. We have our manufacturing facility in Canada where we make the finest quality vinyl windows. We also specialize in triple glass windows whose insulation has no equal. The combination of premium vinyl and triple glass windows would ensure you have stylish and functional fixtures that would be safe, secured and facilitating energy efficiency in your home. Since we make our own windows, we can offer you the best prices. Also, we get to ensure absolute control over the quality of our products. This is what enables us to offer all our clients across Manitoba a lifetime transferable warranty

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    Windows and Doors Installation in Winnipeg by NorthShield Windows and Doors Team


    Vinyl and triple glass are among the most durable materials you can choose. Once we are done with your windows replacement, you would not have to worry about insulation, moisture affecting your windows, rain or storm threatening to damage the structure, heat or cold causing substantial aesthetic damage and ultraviolet rays gradually dimming the splendor of the new installations. Our vinyl and triple glass windows replacement in Winnipeg have been tested to withstand all common and many uncommon threats. They can endure many of the harshest circumstances. You wouldn’t even have to worry about corrosion or rust or repaint since it is vinyl.

    Give us a call at (204) 272-3725 so we can schedule the free site visit and non-obligatory consultation. Our showroom in Winnipeg: 1645 St. James Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3H 0X1

    Frequently Asked Questions

    From Our Clients

    How to Prepare Your Home For New Window Replacements?

    You should invest substantial time and effort to find the best windows replacement company. An expert should visit your home, assess your needs and offer you a comprehensive consultation to help you choose the best type of windows for your property. Windows replacement is akin to installing new windows. It is an extensive process. It is also a considerable investment so you would want everything to pan out as expected. The windows replacement company you hire should guide you to prepare your home before the crew walks in. Here is a concise guide shedding light on the most important preparations.

    • The first thing you need to do is de-clutter your home. Regardless of how well organized everything is in your house, you need to make space for the crew to work. Some properties are more difficult to de-clutter than others. The objective is to have as much floor space free for the crew to move around as possible. You should specifically focus on the space around the windows. There should be absolutely nothing in the vicinity. You must move all chairs and tables, all movable furniture including beds and any bookshelves or other fixtures you may have. If you cannot take the bed or a large couch out of the room, you can move them to a corner or the wall that has no windows. The contractors will need free access to the windows and they would need some space around to keep their tools, other hardware and the materials.

    • Remove everything from the windows. The blinds, curtains or drapes must be removed. You should take down any decorations you have, even if they are small wreaths. This applies to the interior and the exterior. Nothing should be on the windows. The crew can take these down but it would simply take up more of their time. You can prepare the house in advance so the crew can get down to their main job. If you have anything on the walls in a room that you think can get damaged or suffer aesthetic deterioration, then such items should also be removed.

    • You can move all your furniture, décor items and other essentials & nonessentials from every room that will have its windows replaced. If you have additional rooms or some storage space where you can keep these items, do so or rent a storage container. It is easy to get a portable container where you can safely park all your possessions. Do not just leave your furniture out in the open. You should also clear out any outdoor furniture that you have, especially if they are blocking the driveway, immediately next to the windows, along the lawn or right next to the window in your backyard.

    • You don’t have to do anything with or to the windows that are going to be replaced. The contractors will take care of these. You also don’t have to work with any hardware, be it the frame or any such component of the existing windows. If you have trouble uninstalling some fixtures around the windows or on the walls, you can seek the help of the crew and they will do it for you. Removal of all such items is not just essential for their safekeeping but also to allow the crew to work without worrying about knocking down something by accident.

    • Any item that cannot be removed should be properly covered up. You should anyway cover up the floors, hallways and foyer. Some windows replacement companies may tell you that they would cover up the floors and other spaces. You can leave it for them but don’t presume they will unless explicitly discussed. You should make sure the crew has access to your home and essential amenities. This includes access to the house when you may not be present. The crew must be familiar with the power outlets and other essentials so they can go about doing their job without requiring your intervention.

    Be Available
    You should try to be available sometimes when the crew is working. This is partly to know if your property is being treated well and partly to see how the work is progressing. If there is something amiss or if there is something concerning, then it is better to alert the crew in real time than addressing a pile of issues once the job is done. However, try not to intervene every now and then as the crew will struggle to keep up its efficiency if there are interruptions.

    It is imperative for any homeowner to discuss the entire scope of the project. Windows replacement does at times include getting rid of rotten woodworks, fixing the immediate wall around the window and attending to some treatments after the windows are replaced. Everything should be lucidly planned for a desired outcome.

    How to Prepare my House For Freeze?

    Winter can be a magical, beautiful time of the year. This is particularly true with Winnipeg winters. At the same time, winter can also be pretty brutal on your energy expenses. Putting in a little time and money now to get the best windows possible can go a long towards bringing those energy expenses down.

    Whether blistering or scorching, weather changes can take a toll on our mind, body, and wallet. Poorly insulated windows allow cold air in, letting the warm air escape. This not only makes your home uncomfortable, it also becomes expensive to maintain. Without proper insulation, all the money you spend on your home heating is wasted! The same stands true for the warmer months since Winnipeg summers can get pretty hot. While air conditioning seems like the best solution, cool air can escape through warped windows and ill-fitted doors.

    Thankfully, there are several things you can do to get through the worst of the Winnipeg weather. One step involves replacing your current windows with something that is better suited to handle whatever the weather is going to throw at them.

    By choosing our windows for your Winnipeg home, you’ll save money on your energy bills – not just during the winter and summer months, but year-round! Insulate and save big with NorthShield’s incredible selection of vinyl windows and doors, all proudly manufactured in Canada.

    How To Make My House Look Better?

    Don’t take the appearance of your home for granted. Boost your home’s curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and achieve increased security with our selection of windows and doors. NorthShield offers a wide range of styles, colours, and materials to suit your style, or select one of our endless customization options for additional features, including decorative glass paneling, grills, and more. Make your home unique by choosing NorthShield, Winnipeg’s choice for windows and doors!

    Are Your Windows Made in Canada?

    We are proud to understand Canadians and the climates of our diverse seasons. Winnipeg is an incredible city, full of outstanding culture and beautiful natural resources. Alongside our understanding of this incredible city is its need for versatile, energy efficient windows and doors. NorthShield is excited to offer the highest quality glass, windows, and doors at very competitive prices.

    Our windows and doors are always made to measure. We offer only the highest quality products and ensure that they are made right here in Canada. From the first measurement to the final touch during installation, NorthShield transforms Winnipeg houses into beautiful, energy-efficient, homes – one window and door at a time. Additionally, we offera free, no-obligation estimates upon inspection and a lifetime warranty on our products and so you know how confident we are in what we do.

    Discover why we’re Winnipeg’s first choice for windows and doors Today!

    Can You Custom Make The Windows According To My House?

    NorthShield offers Custom Windows that will perfectly complement your home. Each of our custom shaped windows is made to measure and will especially match the style and space indicated by our customers. Custom windows are the perfect way to add a touch of architectural individuality to your property and our team of professionals will ensure the highest-grade quality of installation available.

    Have a unique space that requires a custom-made window? Make sure to Contact Us today to receive your free consultation. Our team of experts will answer any questions you have about the selection and installation of your new windows or doors.

    Why It’s Crucial To Choose The Right Windows?

    You probably don’t think about them much—after all, you look through windows, not at them—but your windows are actually one of the most crucial elements of your home. Not only do they give you an important connection to the outdoors, but windows near the front of your house allow you to see approaching visitors and the quality of your windows can significantly impact your house’s interior temperature.

    Odds are if you’re here you’ve recently come to this realization. You’re learning all about how important it is to have the right windows. You might even be learning the hard way, by the noticeable change in your quality of life as your windows have aged.

    The right windows can provide excellent ventilation when necessary without letting winter cold or summer heat into your home. They provide sunlight without turning your home into a furnace. They reduce your impact on the environment and the cost of heating and cooling your home. They provide you with protection from the harsh aspects of weather while still allowing you to enjoy looking at the outdoors.

    Choosing the right windows for your home can also increase its value. When you choose a bay or bow window you can significantly increase the value of your home along with your quality of life. You may not be thinking about selling now, but someday when you are you’ll be happy that you chose the highest quality windows and thought about their impact on your home.

    Knowing how important it is to choose the right window replacements can make it seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to take the stress out of shopping for window replacements, call NorthShield Windows and Doors today at 204-272-3725 and let us know when we can make an appointment to talk you through all the options and give you a free estimate.

    Any Tips to Find The Right Windows?

    New windows can make a home quieter, cozier (more energy efficient), and certainly more attractive. As you shop for new windows, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect addition:

    • How much are you replacing? Replacing windows doesn’t have to mean replacing absolutely everything. If the frames and sills you have are still in good condition, then there are products that can help you to save on time and money. However, if there is any damage to these things, then they will need to be replaced, in addition to the windows replacement window itself.

    • Figuring out your ideal window type: If you really don’t know where to go on these issues, consider the style of your house, as well as the existing windows. You will also want to keep that in mind when it comes to the most common types of windows, a lot of people go with double-hungs or casement.

    • Frame materials: Vinyl is a popular option for its affordability, but some do not consider it to be attractive enough. Wood is naturally the most expensive, and it will likely be coated in fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl. These are a few of the considerations that you are going to have to weigh. We are only too happy to discuss all of your options with frame materials.

    • Features: You will find a ton of options available to you. This is pretty consistent among just about any windows you might be considering, although some window types lend themselves better to adding features than others. In terms of living in Winnipeg, the winter months are always something that is keenly on our minds. Triple-pane windows are sometimes utilized to deal with the more frigid periods of the season. This is just one example of how you can use features to shape your perfect window. The only thing to remember about this is that adding features will likely add to your final costs.

    At the end of the day, with so many different types, frame materials, and other considerations, someone shopping for windows replacement for the first time can find the experience slightly terrifying. It doesn’t have to be. At the end of the day, you’re going to come across a lot of features that you will likely not even need. For example, impact-resistant windows can be crucial to those who live in hurricane-prone areas, but there really isn’t much of a need for them in the suburbs of Winnipeg. However, your situation might be a little unique. If there is anything we have learned from serving the greater Winnipeg area for the past several years, it’s that customer needs can vary dramatically from one home to the next!

    You are ultimately in control of everything that goes into the creation of your windows. However, if you still find yourself overwhelmed by everything, don’t be afraid to consult our windows replacement experts at NorthShield Windows and Doors. We can take you through the best options for your price range, and in terms of what you want to achieve with the final product.

    Window replacement comes with a lot of the benefits we mentioned above. When it is combined with other insulation efforts, the energy savings can be impressive. Windows also represent a significant financial investment. In some situations, we are talking about a project that can cost a few thousand dollars. If you know this, then it just makes sense to want to find the right windows the first time around. Winnipeg is a fantastic place to live in. This is even more apparent when you have the right elements to define and protect your home.

    What Are the Benefits Of Adding New Windows?

    Windows replacement can be a wonderful opportunity to transform your home. At NorthShield Windows and Doors, we can help you figure out the best windows for your home. Living in Winnipeg is wonderful, but the warm summers and icy winters can be tough on those who aren’t prepared. A significant part of being ready for those seasons, and for anything else this extraordinary region might offer, comes down to having the right parts for your home. That certainly includes windows.

    At the same time, replacement windows can also add significant value and enhanced curb appeal to your home. You can also take advantage of energy savings over time. There are a lot of different reasons and benefits to windows replacement. The next step will be to find the right windows for your needs and tastes.

    To that end, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you have never shopped for new windows before, relax. Finding the right windows comes down to understanding your options, and what you should keep in mind while shopping.

    What Are The Best Windows To Survive Canadian Weather?

    Winnipeg weather can be absolutely dazzling. However, the winters can prove to be pretty brutal, even if you’re someone who is used to cold and snow. Winters can also add quite a bit to your monthly energy costs, as you struggle to keep warm.

    Thankfully, there are several things you can do to get through the worst of the Winnipeg weather. One step involves replacing your current windows with something that is better suited to handle whatever the weather is going to throw at them.

    Top Windows For Winnipeg Weather
    There are a number of frame types that you can consider, in addition to different types of window glazing/glass. Choosing the perfect windows for your home doesn’t have to be impossible. We’re going to take a look at some of the best windows for Winnipeg weather. If you want to make your home more efficient, here are some options that you will want to consider:

    Windows with gas fills: Insulated glazing is just the beginning. There are a number of manufacturers that use inert gas for filling up the space between your panes. Argon is the most commonly utilized inert gas for windows with gas fills, but a few manufacturers prefer to use Krypton. In the end, one isn’t really better than the other. Make sure to talk to your contractor about this.

    Vinyl frames: While it is true that most windows are around 80% glass, you still want to take the type of frame you’re using seriously. You want to make sure you are working with a frame that will account for the other 20% of your window’s insulation capabilities. Wood and aluminum are two possibilities, but many homeowners and contractors ultimately prefer vinyl window frames. Made from PVC with UV stabilizers, vinyl frames don’t need to be painted. They also have great resistance to moisture. The hollowed-out cavities within your vinyl frames can also be filled with insulation.

    Triple pane windows: You can choose between double pane windows and triple pane windows, when it comes to the type of window you bring into your home. Triple pane windows come with a number of attractive, inherent benefits. These windows can be a little pricey, but you are talking about powerful, long-lasting windows for your home. They are also designed to optimize the overall insulation potential of your home.

    Awning/casement/fixed/hopper: There are several different options for window operating types. In terms of lowering the potential for leakage with your windows, you can choose between such possibilities as awning windows, casement windows, fixed windows, and hopper windows. Awning windows are hinged along the top, and you open them outwards. Casement windows are hinged along their sides, and they offer a wonderfully low air leakage rate. Fixed panes aren’t designed to open at all, while hopper windows have hinging along the bottom. They open outwards.

    What neighborhoods in Winnipeg do you serve?


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    Armstrong Point

    Assiniboia Downs













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    Cloutier Drive




    Dakota Crossing

    Daniel McIntyre

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    Whyte Ridge


    Wilkes South

    William Whyte




    Window frames
    25 years warranty.

    Window hardware
    25 years warranty.

    Window glass
    25 years warranty.

    Window installation
    15 years warranty.

    Window colour
    10 years warranty.

    Entry doors frame
    10 years warranty.
    “This company did an excellent job on our windows. From the quote, to the delivery and install (Winnipeg) we were thoroughly impressed. The installers who came to do the work were very clean and professional. They cleaned up very well afterwards as well. I would highly recommend this company for your windows and doors. I know we will be hiring them in the future again for sure as we have a couple doors to do! :)”
    “I hired NorthShield to install new windows and doors in my home. The salesman I dealt with (Rodney) was excellent. He not only helped me pick the proper doors and windows, but was also helpful throughout the installation process, answering any questions I had quickly. The installation crew did an excellent job, and they were done within a day. The quality and workmanship is amazing, I would highly recommend them.”
    “We replaced all the windows and back patio door in my house. They were wonderful to work with. Professional service and great price for a quality product and installation was also great. Thank You Northshield Windows and Doors.”
    “All of our basement windows was replaced by Northshield 3 years ago. We are very happy on the product and its price. Today and as a happy customer, they replaced the windows for all my rooms. Like before, the installers are very professional and always explain their product after the installation. We also like talking to their sales guy (Jim). So far, we didn’t encounter any issues on all of our basement windows and have already surpassed the chilling months of winter. We hope that the newly installed windows will do the same... Again, thank you Northshield team!”
    “They replaced 4 old windows on my house, everything looks and works fantastic and I was impressed with the quick and clean installation, they checked that I was satisfied before leaving. The warranty is unbeatable and the contractors spoke highly of MGMT. I'll be calling them in the fall when I replace my front door.”
    “Jim gave us a great price for great windows. This is our third install with Northshield at our family run apartment block and the installation team has been great each time as well. They do a good job of tidying up after themselves. Our tenants have expressed how much the windows have improved their day-to-day lives, everyone is happy.”
    “Everyone from the salesman Jim to the installers Russ and Dennis were great they were all very friendly and professional Jim not only beat out the comp with his price the installers went above and beyond to make sure everything they did not only looked great but was what we expected thanks Northshield will definitely recommend your company to family and friends”
    “We had our bay window replaced because we were having moisture issues with the previous window. We were really impressed with the staff from day one until the project was completed. The window has been holding up great, and we haven't had anymore problems with moisture. Thank you NorthShield!”
    “Amazing company to deal with. Beautiful door and windows and great staff. Northshield was rated as one of the top three window companies in Winnipeg. They were significantly cheaper than the other 2 top rated window companies in Winnipeg with comparable windows and doors. Highly recommend.”
    “Northshield did our full 2 story house a, windows and the front door. The sales rep was great and kept contact throughout the entire process. We appreciated that the installation crew was tidy and professional. Highly recommend.”
    “Nine windows were purchased from NorthShield. Sales person is quite friendly and patiently to explain me all my concerns and come to my home two times to settle down the quotation and apply Hydra loan. Installation team is professional and well team work. They completed the installation in a time manner. I will come back to put my feed back once all windows have passed the winter season. I would recommend this company.”
    “11 new windows, 3 entry doors, 2 patio doors, phenomenal look and installation. Hydro bill dropped significantly even with the increase in rates. Team was fast and efficient. Broke one window and had it ordered and installed within a few days! Will use these guys for all my future window and door needs! A++++ experience.”

    Winnipeg Windows Services 
    Canada Greener Homes Grant

    As buildings account for a large portion of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, it is important to make them as energy-efficient as possible. The Canada Greener Homes Grant helps Canadians afford the costs of making their homes more energy-efficient, thus reducing emissions and supporting environmental goals. The grant covers up to a maximum of $5,000 per household. Eligible costs include those related to energy-efficiency assessments, insulation, air sealing, ductwork, heating and cooling systems, windows, and doors. To receive the grant, Canadians must first complete an application which can be found on the Government of Canada website.


    How much does it cost to put new windows in a house?

    ✓ Bay Window $2,000-$4,800
    ✓ Bow Window $2,900-$5,000
    ✓ Casement Window $420-$1,100
    ✓ Awning Window $420-$1,100
    ✓ Fixed Casement Window $350-$850
    ✓ Single Slider Tilt Window $400-$950
    ✓ Double Slider Tilt Window $420-$1,000
    ✓ Single Hung Tilt Window $410-$970
    ✓ Double Hung Tilt Window $420-$970
    ✓ Hopper Window $400-$800
    ✓ Tilt and Turn Window $540-$1200
    ✓ Triple glass windows +18% to 23%


    Why would you need triple glass windows?

    Experience the protection, energy efficiency, and the reduced energy bills of Northshield's triple glass windows. Our triple pane windows have 2 layers of air between the glasses, instead of the standard one layer. This triple glazing helps increase the thermal performance of your windows, by keeping the air temperature inside the home at consistent temperatures. Triple-glazed windows are available on selected types of windows and the average additional cost will be around 18% to 23%. Get Your Free In-Home Estimate.




    Windows Installation Costs by Room

    ✓ Kitchen $340 - $1200
    ✓ Living Room $1200 - $5000
    ✓ Bedroom $450 - $1500
    ✓ Basement $240 - $640
    ✓ En Suite $500 - $1500
    ✓ Family Room $1000 - $3000
    ✓ Foyer (entrance hall) $900 - $2500




    Northshield - Black Windows and Black Doors


    What is better black or white windows?

    There are many reasons why black windows are a great choice for your home, and they are quickly growing in popularity. Black window frames are a great option when you want to add a bold design statement to your home's exterior and create a focal point in any room they're in. Black windows perfectly complement modern, farmhouse, and industrial home themes. As well, they are a good choice for homeowners who are trying to showcase a modern look in their traditional home. Black interior windows are especially good for use in rooms with lighter coloured walls, so the contrast between the two helps to create a dramatic effect. Black window frames can also be used in rooms with darker coloured walls, but you will need to take extra care to ensure that the overall effect does not look too dark. Black windows are the way to go when you are looking to:

    Create a modern look Make a dramatic statement Accentuate a beautiful view Create a focal point 



    What does having a black door mean?

    Black front doors are a bold way to make a statement about your house and your sense of style. Entry doors are the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home, so it's important that it creates a good impression. A black exterior door is a bold choice that conveys strength and energy, which is why it makes such a great first impression. They add a bold, dramatic touch to any space, and create beautiful contrast to light-colored interiors. Black-on-black designs are becoming more popular and create a sleek design for your home. This being said, black front doors pair best with white, beige, light tan, and brick homes. When you're looking for a black door for your home, we can help you!