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Window Size:When it comes to windows, there are no strict dimensions, as custom and standard sizes can be further paired with other windows to meet your needs. Different types of windows can be mulled together for customization purposes and you can mix and match windows according to your personal preferences.

Full Frame
Vinyl Brickmould
Aluminum capping

Retrofit:New window - old frame, that’s basically what a retrofit window is. The process (also known as “insert” window replacement) usually requires less labour because new units are inserted into existing frames, which is less invasive than a full frame replacement.

Full Frame:A complete window replacement, also known as “brick to brick.” It includes new jamb extensions, casings and brick moulds. In a full frame window replacement, the frames are ripped out to the brick, which ensures no prior damage or moisture is left behind.

Privacy Glass
Custom Colour
Triple Pane
2 Coats
3 Coats

Grill:Window grills are decorative bars that are installed in between the window panes to give the window a unique look.

Privacy Glass:Privacy window glass obscures the view through the window while allowing for the same amount of light. Multiple designs available.

Coloured:You can choose between 13 different window colours to match the style of your home. Regular and custom colours available.

Custom Colours:NorthShield’s windows can be custom coloured with an environmentally friendly paint to match the existing decor of your home.

LoE Coating:LoE (Low Emissivity) Coatings are transparent and improve the energy efficiency of your windows by absorbing heat and UV rays.

We all know how important windows are for the aesthetic, functionality, and practicality of any home. We also know that choosing replacement windows can be a daunting task since there are a number of factors that could affect the cost. Depending on your budget, here are a few factors that could help influence your purchasing decision, and save you money in the process:

There are a variety of window types that range in price point, based on style and function. For example, awning windows would be cheaper compared to bay windows. Window sizing is also a factor; the larger the window, the more glass is required, which would increase the cost. Not to mention, glass features, such as double-pane would be cheaper compared to triple-pane, which would further enhance insulation and noise reduction. The cost of the glass, in addition to the frame, will range based on quality, durability, and security. The quantity will also play into your window replacement cost. The higher the volume of windows you are looking to have replaced, the lower the cost per window will be - buy more, save more!

This tool provides a rough estimate on the average cost of window installation and/or replacement. The amount shown may vary based on specific installation conditions and labour costs. The purpose of this calculator is to provide a rough estimate on the overall costs of only one window, and should not be taken as a final quote. The total cost of a window installation/replacement project is only provided upon NorthShield’s free in-home evaluation.