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Sliding patio doors offer easy accessibility to a patio, garden or backyard while providing natural light and an unobscured view of the outdoors. Because they slide sideways instead of swinging in or out, patio doors take up less space than more traditional options and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


Expertly designed and masterfully crafted to withstand scorching Canadian summers and frigid winters, sliding patio doors come in a wide array of colour and style options. Contact NorthShield today for free, no-obligation estimates on all our sliding patio doors anywhere in Winnipeg or the GTA.




Made of superior vinyl, the elegant Kent Patio Door is the perfect choice for your home.

Resistant to wear and tear, these sliding patio doors not only look good, but they also provide you with the ultimate protection against any weather conditions. With the Kent Patio Door Series, you can choose between dual and triple glass options for even better comfort and protection.

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Choose our Victorian Patio Doors for a practical and simple solution for your home.

With their high resistance to wear and tear, these sliding patio doors offer the ultimate protection against the harsh Canadian weather. Their elegant look makes them an extremely popular choice amongst our clientele.

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Made from the most advanced vinyl, our Newcastle Sliding Patio Doors offer reliable protection and durability.

Boasting superior quality and design, these sliding patio doors are the smart choice for your home. Energy efficient and reliable, they offer numerous sought-after upgrades, including welded sash and whisper quiet rollers.

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All of NorthShield’s sliding patio doors are locally manufactured in Canada. This allows us to offer our customers unbeatable quality at factory direct prices!

Our team takes great care in creating doors that will function well in your Canadian home. Our sliding patio doors will give you easy access to your backyard while providing proper insulation for your home.

Sliding Glass Doors Benefits


Ensure your peace of mind by opting for two position kick locks. These discreet locks mount to the bottom of the operating door and act as a secondary lock for maximum security. Available in white, beige or brown, kick locks offer additional security for your home.

Don't sacrifice the security of your home with your next sliding patio door. The team at NorthShield has been manufacturing patio doors for many years now, which means that you can trust us to provide you with a door that properly secures your home.

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NorthShield Windows and Doors uses the technology behind Cardinal Low-E glass and Edgetech Super Spacer to ensure that your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Inch-thick high-performance glazing ensures your comfort year round!

It's great to have doors that look great, but if they can't keep us comfortable in our homes, then they are not performing their basic function. We manufacture doors that are designed to adapt to the ever-changing Canadian climate.

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Elite handles come standard on all of NorthShield's sliding patio doors. Available in white, black, ivory, or sandalwood, these beautiful handles offer durability and ease of use for everyday luxury.

Handles are a sometimes neglected piece of hardware for doors. Our team understands that handles provide so much to the overall aesthetic of a sliding patio door, which is why we offer elegant and stylish handles.

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Guardian locks mount to the top of the operating door. The security bolt locks into the frame, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. NorthShield offers guardian locks in a range of colours, including white, beige and brown.

These locks are a great feature of our doors, as they provide an added level of security without taking away from the overall beauty of the door.

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Choose from a wide selection of decorative grills to add style to your patio doors. Flat grills, Georgian grills or Pencil grills are available in a range of colours to suit your decor and your tastes. Customize your patio doors and make them your own with NorthShield's selection of decorative grills.

We are all about helping our customers find the perfect door for them. This is why we give you the option to customize your sliding patio door. With our help, you will easily find the perfect door for your home.


Opt for mini blinds installed between layers of low-E glass and you'll never have to wrangle cords or dust blinds again! With the tip of a finger, go from crystal clear visibility to complete privacy. Easy to operate and maintenance-free, internal mini blinds are the ultimate in convenience.

It has never been so easy to manage the internal temperature of your home and ensure your privacy. These mini blinds are the perfect feature for any homeowner that wants to add improved functionality to their patio doors.


Choose from Prairie or Colonial V-Groove patterns. V-Groove glass offers a decorative touch to help personalize your sliding patio doors. Beautiful and practical, they offer everyday luxury right at home.

No matter what look you are going for with your sliding patio doors, our team can help you achieve that look. With the optional V-Groove Glass, you can take one step closer to achieving the perfect sliding patio door you have envisioned in your mind.