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    Fixed casement windows are the optimal choice to provide a great view of the outdoors. Unlike casement windows, they do not open, but are a great choice for optimizing light in a room. Fixed casement windows create spectacular window effects in your home, and can be combined with other styles to show an elegant expanse of glass. Their fusion-welded frame and multi-chambered design achieves a high level of architectural sophistication.


    View our video to see an example of the professional fixed windows replacement and installation offered by NorthShield Windows and Doors. Every window, including our fixed casement windows, is installed with care!

    Fixed Casement Windows

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    Each fixed casement window offered by NorthShield is locally manufactured in Canada. This helps us keep prices low and quality high!

    NorthShield offers a wide variety of fixed casement windows in an array of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

    We invite you to discover the difference of a fixed casement window from NorthShield Windows & Doors. When it comes to unrivaled quality and beautiful styles, our windows are truly second to none. Contact us today for a free, in-home estimate and discover a unique world of stunning, energy efficient and unique windows and doors!


    At NorthShield, we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards in all our windows and doors and we’re committed to providing you with professional and reliable windows replacement. Our premium quality fixed casement windows will help you achieve your vision and bring more light into your home.

    Our fixed casement windows are designed to withstand even the toughest Canadian weather. Take advantage of our free in-house estimate and experience the NorthShield difference in superior craftsmanship and quality.


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    Get the stunning, beautiful view you’ve always dreamed of with high-quality windows from NorthShield. Take advantage of our free in-house estimate today!

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    Benefits of Fixed Windows

    Fixed windows are one of the most popular choices for homeowners, and for good reason. They offer unbeatable energy efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements, and have a timeless look that can never go out of style. With fixed windows, you can rest easy knowing your home is well-insulated against the elements. Plus, with their attractive design options and improved air quality from reduced drafts, these windows will add to the comfort and value of your home for years to come. If you’re looking for an efficient window option that doesn’t skimp on style or performance, fixed windows are always a great choice!

    Energy Efficiency

    Fixed windows are an excellent choice for energy efficiency. They are designed to reduce heat loss and air leakage, which can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Fixed windows are also great for blocking out UV light that can cause fading of furniture and flooring. To maximize your savings with fixed windows, it’s important to choose a model with a high-performance glazing system such as Low-E glass or triple-glazed panes. These glazings help improve the window’s U-value (which measures how much heat is lost through the window) to keep the inside of your home comfortable year-round. With fixed windows, you can expect noticeable savings on your energy bills when compared to standard windows. Not only that, but their sleek and modern design will add style and value to your home for years to come! By investing in high-efficiency fixed windows, you can enjoy the savings and beauty of energy-efficient windows without sacrificing performance.

    Natural Light

    Fixed windows are a great way to increase the amount of natural light coming into your home or office. They allow more natural light to enter through their fixed panes, which can be made out of a variety of materials such as glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. This helps to create a more comfortable atmosphere inside your home or office and also reduces energy costs due to less reliance on overhead lighting. Additionally, fixed windows can provide an aesthetically pleasing view and help reduce noise pollution from outside sources such as cars and other machinery. Fixed windows provide both practical and aesthetic benefits that make them an ideal choice for any building project. They can even provide a unique design element to any space, creating an eye-catching look that is sure to impress. Fixed windows are the perfect way to add natural light and beauty to your home or office.

    Improved Privacy

    Fixed windows are a great way to improve privacy in your home. By installing fixed windows, you can ensure that no one from outside can see in and eavesdrop on your conversations. In addition, the design of fixed windows allows for better control over air flow, light levels and temperature, making it easier to create comfortable spaces within your home. Because fixed windows do not open or close, they also reduce the risk of noise pollution reaching inside, providing improved peace and quiet in the home. With their additional insulation benefits, fixed windows also help to keep energy costs lower by reducing heat loss during winter months and blocking out extra sunlight during summer months. All in all, with improved security, comfort and energy efficiency advantages; installing fixed windows is an excellent decision for anyone looking to increase their privacy in the home.

    Low Maintenance

    Fixed windows are an ideal choice for low-maintenance living. Unlike sliding or casement windows, they don’t require regular lubrication to ensure a seamless operation. Fixed windows also do not need to be opened and closed as often, meaning you won’t have to worry about tracks becoming clogged with debris or dirt. In addition, if the glass is kept clean, there will be no need for repairs since fixed windows cannot break like other types of window panes. Finally, fixed windows are incredibly durable due to their lack of moving parts and the use of strong materials such as vinyl and fiberglass, so you can expect them to last for many years without much upkeep. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why fixed windows are a great choice for low-maintenance living.



    What’s the difference between fixed casement and casement windows?

    A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges on the side. The casement windows from NorthShield Windows and Doors allow for a full opening of 92 inches and 6,5 inches from the framing, which allows for easy cleaning of both sides. Fixed casement windows are just what the word suggests - fixed. They are non-operational and they are usually combined with other windows to make for a better view.

    Can you repair a fixed casement window?

    Before you start browsing through YouTube tutorials, make sure that the damage is actually worth fixing. For example, if you have a rotten sash and you notice condensation between the layers of insulated glass, then you will need to replace the sash. It is better to leave repairs up to the pros.

    What’s the difference between casement and double hung windows?

    Casement windows are the so-called “crank” windows - they use cranks to open and close, while double hung windows move up and down in a frame. Some types allow you to move both the top and bottom sashes, while others only let you move the bottom.

    Where to install fixed casement windows?

    Fixed casement windows are great for areas that need to be well lit and have good ventilation. For harsh weather conditions, such as Winnipeg winters, fixed casement windows are the first line of defence - the perfect choice for energy efficient housing.

    Reliable Windows

    Fixed Casement Features

    Image depicts the logo for Health Smart Windows.

    Mold caused by condensation can be a problem in colder climates – the solution is Super Spacer Sealed Health Smart Windows, proudly offered by NorthShield. While traditional windows use metal spacers between the panes of glass, NorthShield’s Super Spacer Health Smart Windows use a foam spacer that insulates between the panes, reducing condensation and preventing the formation of harmful mold in your home.

    Triple Glass Windows

    Save on energy costs year round and keep our planet green by using less! With triple-glass options available, NorthShield fixed casement windows aren’t just beautiful – they’re extremely energy efficient!

    Image depicts the logo for low-e 180 Windows.
    LOĒ-180 GLASS

    Ensure your home stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer months with LoĒ-180 glass. Enjoy savings on your energing bills year round without sacrificing the beauty of your windows with NorthShield’s LoĒ-180 glass.

    Image depicts the Vinyl Windows Warranty for NorthShield Windows & Doors.

    Peace of mind and security – that’s what we offer at NorthShield. All of our fixed casement windows are backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty.

    Image depicts Colour Options for vinyl windows.

    Choose from over 35 colours of vinyl to truly customize your fixed casement windows. Enhance your home’s style and value with a beautiful selection of colours from NorthShield.

    window grills

    Give your windows an interesting look with our unique window grill options. The grills go between the panes of the windows and you can add them to all your windows or just a select number.

    interior finishing

    Give your casement windows a stylish look with our interior finishings. They look great on any window type and will certainly give your home a more sophisticated look.