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    Any type of windows replacement in Saint Adolphe is a substantial investment. It does not matter how old your windows are or what your primary purpose is for replacing your windows. The material you choose, the type of windows and the number of them you wish to replace will have a significant impact on the cost, but so would other factors. Your choice of windows replacement company in Saint Adolphe will have a major influence on the budget.

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      Northsield’s windows and doors offer the latest heat and sound insulation properties that will help you keep your home nice and cozy no matter what the season.


      Windows and doors are our forte. Our state of the art solutions have no equal and no company can offer the kind of impeccable windows replacement at Saint Adolphe that we have been delivering over the years.


      You can explore casement windows, fixed casement, picture windows, tilt-turn, awning windows, single hung tilt, double hung tilt, single slider tilt, double slider tilt windows, bow, and bay.


      Our free site inspection and non-obligatory consultation will provide you every piece of information you need to make a decision. Let our expert study your needs and offer the most informative consultation you have ever had

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    Saint Adolphe Windows Replacement



    Many homeowners choose the same type of windows they have right now for the replacement. Many homeowners prefer another type of window. You can choose casement windows, picture windows, bay windows or double hung windows, awning windows and single or double slider tilt windows, tilt-turn windows, or bow windows. You may opt for the same type of aesthetics that you have had all these years or you may go for a more contemporary style. The choice is entirely yours but such liberty would not be realizable unless a company actually specializes in all types of windows.

    We at NorthShield have decades of experience in working with windows and doors. Windows and doors are our forte.

    For all your window replacement needs, call our team in Winnipeg.

    Saint Adolphe Window Installation


    When you consider the basic premise of windows replacement for your Saint Adolphe property, the project may seem to be quite simple. You can choose the type, the design and the material. You can green light the project and we can get started with what we do best. While this would have been a simple and ideal scenario, the reality is a tad more complex. Choosing the ideal type or the best design is not an instantaneous process. Your property may not be a natural match for the best windows. This does not pertain to the material but the type of windows you can settle for. Even when it comes to the materials, there are variants and you may have already explored a few options. You would have a budget and some preference pertaining to aesthetics but there will also be the issue of security, insulation and hence energy efficiency, durability and functionality of the new windows.

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    Compare the various types of windows you can choose from. Pit the pros and cons of the commonly used materials against one another. Assess the costs and come up with a shortlist. We can help with all these assessments and more. Eventually, you would be able to choose the perfect type of windows replacement in Saint Adolphe, one that suits your budget, caters to your preferences, attends to all the necessities and stands the test of time.

    Saint Adolphe Windows Installation


    NorthShield manufactures vinyl windows and has a captive supply chain, thereby assuring absolute quality control. The prices at which we can offer you the finest vinyl windows are unmatched. Companies that procure their windows from manufacturers or other suppliers do not have the leverage we have. Whether it is our infrastructure or resources, the captive supply chain or the phenomenally well trained and experienced installers, our proposition would be unparalleled.

    Give us a call at (204) 272-3725 to schedule an appointment. Let our expert study your needs and offer the most informative consultation you have ever had pertaining to windows replacement in Saint Adolphe.

    Window frames
    25 years warranty.

    Window hardware
    25 years warranty.

    Window glass
    25 years warranty.

    Window installation
    15 years warranty.

    Window colour
    10 years warranty.

    Entry doors frame
    10 years warranty.


    “Great service. Replaced 6 windows and patio door with NorthShield Windows and Doors. Eugene was amazing in providing the estimate and Brad and the team came to install it, everything was installed within 6 hours and they cleaned after they were done. Thank you guys.”
    “Great experience with them! Everything from the salesman (Walter) who came to our home to the office staff that set up our installation to the four men who installed the windows has been handled professionally. Very happy with the overall process.”
    “We had our front door replaced in mid-September. First off, Rod who sold us on North Shield gave us a great price and was really nice to work with. Our installer Cody was very professional and very friendly at the same time. He did an excellent job. We’re so very happy. Thank you NorthShield.”
    “Great workmanship! The crew showed up on time, they were friendly as well as professional. their work was efficient, fast and clean. Russ explained operation of the windows after and if there were any problems they would fix them right away. I would highly recommend this company.”
    “This is a very professional company and i loved the guys who did the job. They did an amazing job and I'm very happy that i choose to work with NorthShield company. They did for me 15 windows and it looks great. In addition they gave me a very responsible price. Can't Recommend Highly Enough!!”
    “I would highly recommend NorthShield Windows and Doors to anyone looking to have their windows replaced. They were so friendly, efficient and CLEAN!! They exceeded all my expectations. Not a single piece of garbage was left behind. The quality and care they put into their work is amazing!”

    Windows and Doors Saint Adolphe 


    How much does it cost to put new windows in a house?

    ✓ Bay Window $2,000-$4,800
    ✓ Bow Window $2,900-$5,000
    ✓ Casement Window $420-$1,100
    ✓ Awning Window $420-$1,100
    ✓ Fixed Casement Window $350-$850
    ✓ Single Slider Tilt Window $400-$950
    ✓ Double Slider Tilt Window $420-$1,000
    ✓ Single Hung Tilt Window $410-$970
    ✓ Double Hung Tilt Window $420-$970
    ✓ Hopper Window $400-$800
    ✓ Tilt and Turn Window $540-$1200
    ✓ Triple glass windows +18% to 23%


    What are Triple Glass Windows?

    Experience increased protection, energy efficiency, and reduced energy bills with Northshield's triple glass windows. Our triple-pane windows have two layers of air between the panes, as opposed to one standard layer. This triple glazing helps increase the thermal performance of your windows, by keeping the air temperature consistent. Triple-glazed windows are available on selected types of windows. Speak to our experts to learn more. Get Your Free In-Home Estimate.


    Windows Installation Costs by Room

    ✓ Kitchen $340 - $1200
    ✓ Living Room $1200 - $5000
    ✓ Bedroom $450 - $1500
    ✓ Basement $240 - $640
    ✓ En Suite $500 - $1500
    ✓ Family Room $1000 - $3000
    ✓ Foyer (entrance hall) $900 - $2500




    NorthShield's Black Windows and Doors


    Are Black Window and Door Frames the Way to Go?

    Black windows and doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many homeowners opting for this sleek and modern look in their homes. They can be used in both traditional and contemporary designs, and their versatility makes them a popular choice among homeowners. Whether you're looking to create a bold contrast with white walls or complement a neutral color palette, black vinyl windows and doors can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room. They also have practical benefits, such as being energy-efficient and durable. Overall, they are a stylish and functional choice for any home.


    Create a modern look Make a dramatic statement Accentuate a beautiful view Create a focal point 


    black windows and doors