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    Bow and Bay windows have sweeping curves that turn a standard window opening into an appealing outward projection that extends your space. Their glass panels and rounded angles create a picturesque exterior view. Bow and Bay windows add architectural detail to a home which increases it’s curb appeal. These types of windows also allow for a beautiful view and extension that makes the room feel larger without adding floor space. Explore NorthShield’s unparalleled collection of bow and bay windows and contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate. We offer in-home quotes, so give us a call today!

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    Bow and Bay windows are composed of several large panels that bathe your home in natural light. This means that you need to ensure you have found a reliable windows and doors company for the complex installation. Lucky for you, our team of professional installers know how to get your bow and bay windows replaced and installed right the first time!

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    When it comes to building windows that are of high-quality, the team at NorthShield always delivers the best vinyl windows around, and this includes our bow and bay windows.

    Here at our facility, we set a certain high standard for our manufacturing process. We don’t settle for anything less than the best with our windows – and neither should you. It is our goal to manufacture bow and bay windows that are durable so that they are long-lasting and secure. Beyond functionality, we build windows that look great, because when you are buying new windows, you want them to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Explore our vast collection of unique windows and doors and get inspired!
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    Bow and bay windows are composed of several panels, usually 4 or 5. Each bow and bay window we offer is always professionally installed by our team of specialists – watch the video to see how!

    The great benefit of installing bay & bow windows is that they allow natural light into the house and lend it a sophisticated look without opting for major home renovations. If you like a more personalized look curated to your decor and aesthetics, we offer a wide selection of different varieties and c PVC windows. Can’t decide and need expert advice? We are happy to help!
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    Bow and bay windows are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to add some style and class to their home. Call us for a free, in-house consultation estimate and choose the right windows replacement experts and the quality windows your home deserves!

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    Bow & Bay Windows

    Our bow & bay windows have so many benefits. They’re stylish, easy to operate and offer the ultimate durability and energy efficiency. They’re designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and keep your home comfortable year round. Plus, they give your home a great view. Find out more about the great qualities of our premium bow and bay windows in our short video tutorial.

    The one thing that homeowners can be sure of is that bay windows and bow windows both have a way of opening up a room. They give you that spacious feel and they also allow in more light than regular windows. They also add fantastic style and, rather than being perceived as just a window, they will be noticed as a significant feature that will make anyone feel right at home.

    The Difference Between Bow Windows And Bay Windows

    Two main and common residential window options that can quite easily get confused are bay windows and bow windows. While they might look quite similar at first, closer inspection will reveal some significant differences.

    Bow windows have four or more equal-sized panes of glass that form a gentle curved shape. They typically create a larger projection from the wall than bay windows do, allowing more light into the room. Additionally, bow windows usually offer more interior shelf space for decorating purposes.

    Bay windows consist of three sections—one large center window with two flanking panels at 30-45 degree angles. This design creates a much sharper angle than bow windows, meaning they take up less wall space and offer fewer views outside. However, they often provide more interior space than bow windows and allow for unique furniture placement.

    No matter what style you choose, both designs create a beautiful addition to any room. With the right window treatments, bow or bay windows can add character and warmth to your home. When deciding which option is best for your home, think about the look you want to achieve as well as the amount of light and extra space you need. Both styles are sure to be a great fit!



    What are bow & bay windows?

    Bow & Bay windows are essentially curved bay windows that are designed to create more space beyond the exterior wall. Because of the flexible design, bow and bay windows can have anywhere between 4 to 8 windows in a row. All of NorthShield’s windows are custom-sized and mulled together to make for a wholesome look.

    What are the advantages of bow & bay windows?

    If you are looking for large windows for your home, bow and bay windows are the perfect solution. As opposed to bay windows that have 3 individual windows mulled together, bow windows can have as many as 8, and they look great in areas that need for more natural light and an excellent view. Apart from their amazing aesthetical features, NorthShield’s bow and bay windows both allow you to saveenergy with energy-star rated Low-E glass.

    What are the special features of bow and bay windows?

    Because of their unique, curved appearance, bow and bay windows can make your space seem larger. All of NorthShield’s bow and bay windows are custom shaped and designed with hardware that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Where to install bow and bay windows?

    Bow and bay windows are the most popular choice for communal areas such as living rooms because of their size - perfect for areas that require a lot of natural light.

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    Bow and Bay Window Features

    Vinyl Windows Snap In Screen

    Removing the screen is a snap! NorthShield’s durable snap-in screen is easily removable for quick and easy cleaning.

    Image depicts the logo for Health Smart Windows.

    Window condesation can lead to the growth of harmful mold, but not with NorthShield’s unique Super Spacer Sealed Health Smart Windows! While traditional windows use metal spacers between the panes of glass, NorthShield’s Super Spacer Health Smart Windows use a proprietary foam spacer that insulates between the panes, reducing condensation and preventing the formation of harmful mold in your home.

    Image depicts the logo for low-e 180 Windows.
    LOĒ-180 GLASS

    LoĒ-180 glass is designed to reflect heat back into your home during the winter months in order to keep your home comfortable. During the summer months, it deflects the sun’s heat and UV rays to keep your home cool. Enjoy savings on your energy bills year-round without sacrificing the beauty of your windows by opting for NorthShield’s windows and doors.

    Image depicts the Vinyl Windows Warranty for NorthShield Windows & Doors.

    All of our bow windows are backed by a transferrable lifetime warranty. Enjoy peace of mind in addition to beautiful windows and energy savings year round!

    Image depicts Colour Options for vinyl windows.

    Choose from over 35 colours of vinyl for your bow windows. Create a stunning look that truly reflects your taste and style!

    window grills

    Window grills are a great way to elevate the look of your windows. These decorative bars are installed in between the window panes and they look great in any window type.

    interior finishing

    Give your windows a sophisticated and unique look with our interior window finishings available in various styles and patterns. They look great in any space