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Why Choose Health Smart Windows

When renovating your home, choosing the best available window replacements is one of the most important things you can do. The cold Winnipeg climate makes it important to choose the most durable and energy efficient option available. Thankfully, the NorthShield Windows and Doors team is here to help make that process easier.

One of the biggest concerns when choosing new windows is condensation, caused by the difference between your home's humidity and the humidity outside your home. It's important to keep our homes at a humidity level that's comfortable for us—air too dry can also damage many items within the home—which makes it equally important to consider these issues when choosing your window replacements in Winnipeg.

Of course, condensation doesn't look pretty, but there are several more important problems it can cause. It starts by degrading your windows and contributes to peeling paint and rotting wood. However, the really frightening thing about condensation is that it can cause black mould, which can lead to a number of serious health problems, especially respiratory problems.

Luckily over the years window technology has made significant advances, so you can now choose windows that not only protect your home more efficiently but also prevent condensation from forming on the glass.

Health Smart Windows prevent condensation by keeping the temperature of the window surface as close to the temperature of your home as possibly. Most windows use entirely metal frames, but metal is constantly losing heat, sapping heat from your windows. Health Smart Windows use metal for their frames as well, but seal it with a layer of foam underneath. This foam, called the Super Seal locks the heat from your home into the metal, which helps it keep the windows themselves warmer as well.

The advantages of the Super Seal don't end there. Health Smart Windows last a significantly longer time than any other windows and are far more energy efficient than other windows, making them the best choice for your Winnipeg window replacements.

When you call NorthShield Windows and Doors for your Health Smart Windows you can be sure you've made the best decision possible so you can enjoy your Winnipeg home comfortably for years to come. The right professional to install your windows is just as important as making sure you have the right windows to begin with. After all, you don't want to end up paying for the installation of your new windows twice. Of course, there's also something to be said for the lifetime warranty we offer on all our windows.

If you would like to learn more about how to get Health Smart Windows installed in your home so that you'll never have to worry about condensation or mould again, call NorthShield Windows and Doors today at (204) 272-3725. We'll book an appointment, come to your home and give you a free estimate on the cost of replacing your old windows with new Health Smart Windows. We can also give you a free estimate on the cost of replacing your old doors while we're there—seems worth a few minutes on the phone, right?

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Google Rating
Ross Apperly
4 months ago
Northshield replaced 9 windows in our house. Our only complaint would be that the colour doesn't really match the sample we were shown. The woman we first encountered in the showroom was pleasant and helpful. There are only so many things she could tell us in the showroom but it was enough to convince us to book an appointment with a salesman. Walter, the fellow who came to our house, wasn't really a salesman at all and yet he knew exactly what he was doing. Answered all of our questions, clearly knew his business inside and out, was patient with us, made some really helpful suggestions, and just generally made us feel confident and comfortable. Next came Vladimir. He came to do the final measurements and to verify the details of each window. Another very very knowledgeable guy. Clearly an expert in his field and yet friendly and patient with us. The team of men who came to do the install were all very much polite and professional. Their workmanship is first rate. In the end, what I know is this, the new windows are in, the drafts and rattles from the old ones are gone, the price was fine, the quality is A1, and every single individual along our journey was a genuine pleasure to work with.
Oai Truong
a month ago
We chose Northshield because of the rave reviews on Google, but unfortunately the experience was a disappointment. The sales guy was nice enough, but like most suppliers in their industry, installation came 6 weeks past their original estimate, which was fine since we were not in a big rush, although we had to delay the painting of our kitchen because of it. The two big issues were: 1. To install our new patio doors, the opening had to be widened, which our sales guy mentioned, and which was fine to us. The problem came when the installers were on site and insisted that they did not need to replace the header. I know nothing about construction but luckily my colleagues told me to make sure that they install a new header because they were widening the doorway. Luckily I was home and I persisted that they install a new header, and after a while they finally realized that they needed to do it as well. They went off to the store to get the wood and the drywall and finished the job, which looked fine. 2. Only a few months later big cracks appeared along the new header. I called Northshield only to be told by Alex that my painter should've known that the patchwork on the header was very minimal and that "any professional painter should've known to make sure the drywall was ready to be painted." So they refused to do anything about it. I guess I should've said back to him "any professional installer should've known you need a new header when you widen a doorway!" So now I have a wall that I will need to re-patch and re-paint all over again. If you decide to use Northshield, please do your own research and make sure that you oversee their work, because they will never take responsibility for it, or admit that they didn't know what the heck they were doing.
emily s
3 months ago
Professional, clean, good customer service. Fast and efficient. No surprises or hidden costs, did not try to upsell me and worked within my budget. Very happy with the finished product and will continue to use in the future for replacing my remaining windows.
Patrick Touchette
4 months ago
Alex our salesman was great to work with and gave us very good information about our windows. The installation went smoothly and the windows look great and function well. Great customer service!
Albert Giesbrecht
a month ago
We had 4 windows installed by this company. The windows were installed in no time at all, and the guys were very professional and efficient. Love the windows and would recommend this company to anyone.
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