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Make Sure To Ask Your Installer These SIX Questions

So you’re looking for a company to install new windows or doors? Well, it can be a lot like looking for a new employee. You are in charge here and it’s important that you’re making the best decisions possible for your home. You don’t owe the contractors anything unless you’ve signed an agreement, so before that happens, be sure that you’re making the best choices. 

Check out these suggested questions to ask your window or door contractors. Make sure you’re educated before the job begins so you know what to look out for and how to handle possible upcoming challenges. You’re not just installing windows or doors, you’re making a real investment in your home and that’s worth taking very seriously.

 1. Does the company provide their own insurance?
Any installer or contractor should invariably show up with detailed liability insurance to protect the both of you in the unlikely instance of an on-site accident. It’s definitely okay to assume that they’ve come prepared with the proper insurance behind them, but always make sure to ask just in case. There are a number of reasons a contractor may not be equipped with insurance, and each of the reasons can be interpreted as a red flag. Some reasons a contractor doesn’t come with their own insurance can include: they cant’ afford it, they’re not full time, they’re new to the industry etc. If they don’t have insurance, it might not be the best fit for your project.

2. What’s their detailed estimate or cost proposal?
By the time the contractor shows up to the job you should have an excellent idea of how much the project is going to cost. Ask about fees right away, from the very first phone call. Many businesses will offer you a quote over the phone or after a first inspection. If you’re not sure it’s the best cost for the project, you can always shop around to get a sense of what other companies are charging for the same work.

In short, an estimate is something you will ask for right away. Make sure you find out about all costs associated with the contract and not just the preliminary costs. What are your options? Can you lessen the financial strain in any way? Is there anything you don’t need?

3. What is their choice of product?
Have you been offered a choice of quality? Was there a price difference between these options? Are you fully understanding what materials are being proposed for the project, and were you given other options?

4. What’s their schedule like?
Are you able to ask for the dates and times that work best for you? Do you have a busy workweek? Find out what their timelines are like before you agree to anything. Your schedule is what matters most, so don’t allow anyone to bully you into a timeline that negatively affects your work life or personal life. The right company or contractor will make it work when it works for you.

5. What are the manufacture warranty specifications?
Make sure to understand what the contract or agreement you’ve drafted means and entails. Read the fine print and ask any questions you might have about the warranty and how it relates to the installation and labour/workmanship. You might be surprised by what’s missing. Don’t be afraid to ask about language you don’t understand. Legal language can be a little confusing and it’s important you understand what you’re signing. 

6. What happens in the case of an issue or complaint?
Do they have a history of court cases? Have they ever had their license suspended? Try to figure out how your contractor tackles these sort of problems when the time comes around. You can even request a referral from a job that handled a complaint. Problems have the possibility of happening no matter what industry you’re working with, but what matters is how a business or contractor handles these sort of obstacles.

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Chris Cornell
3 weeks ago
Great work. Outstanding results. Would recommend. The best skilled installers in the industry. With the best reviews. The only call I will make in the future, will be to northshield!
Eugene Rabinovich
2 months ago
This the second time I used Northshield. They replaced five windows and two doors. Work was done efficiently and accurately. Would recommend it to all my friends and family.
Ross Apperly
7 months ago
Northshield replaced 9 windows in our house. Our only complaint would be that the colour doesn't really match the sample we were shown. The woman we first encountered in the showroom was pleasant and helpful. There are only so many things she could tell us in the showroom but it was enough to convince us to book an appointment with a salesman. Walter, the fellow who came to our house, wasn't really a salesman at all and yet he knew exactly what he was doing. Answered all of our questions, clearly knew his business inside and out, was patient with us, made some really helpful suggestions, and just generally made us feel confident and comfortable. Next came Vladimir. He came to do the final measurements and to verify the details of each window. Another very very knowledgeable guy. Clearly an expert in his field and yet friendly and patient with us. The team of men who came to do the install were all very much polite and professional. Their workmanship is first rate. In the end, what I know is this, the new windows are in, the drafts and rattles from the old ones are gone, the price was fine, the quality is A1, and every single individual along our journey was a genuine pleasure to work with.
Moumin Makki
a month ago
Great business to deal with. No complaints. Thank you.
Maxine Lewis
in the last week
Very professional people. I'm very pleased with the service that was provided.
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