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Replace vs. Repair: What Should You Do?

Your home is your biggest investment, and as such, should be properly taken care of. Windows are what keep your home safe and secure from the elements, but older models can often be detrimental to your home and drain you financially. How are you to know whether you’re window is a “fixer-upper” versus damaged beyond repair? These guidelines will help you determine the differences between window’s that can be repaired, and windows that should be replaced.



Some damage might be irreversible, or very costly to fix. Repairing rotted windows is a very difficult job for someone to take on, and must be painstakingly maintained to ensure no further damage is done. Investing money in a window made of material less likely to rot is the best bet. Replace.


Leaks & Mould

Water damage and leaks in windows can lead to the formation of mould, which in turn could jeopardize your family’s health. Cleaning a mould infestation is a daunting task, and will likely not be a one-time thing. Sometimes, the root problem is within the walls of your home, and tearing out your existing windows is the only way to further inspect the issue. If you have a mould problem, it is best you replace your windows.



When you see condensation form in between the panes of glass in your current windows, it is time for replacement. This means that the window is improperly sealed, or the seal has worn down over time, exposing the space between panes to outside air. Simply replacing the panes of glass can be as expensive as replacing your windows as a whole.


Drafts and Energy Bills

Older windows tend to be less energy-efficient and allow for drafts more than newer models, and can end up costing homeowners excess money in the long run. Windows designed with one single pane lose a lot of home-produced heat energy in the winter, and allow the penetration of UV rays in the summer. Newer models are designed with efficiency in mind, usually with double or triple panes and low-emissive coatings. Replace.


When Should I Repair?

Windows are vital to the security of a home, and should be considered for replacement before irreversible damage occurs. There are, however, instances in which your current window may be salvaged by a simple


Hard to open: If opening your window has become increasingly difficult, consider removing grime from the hinges and applying lubrication.Sometimes a deep maintenance clean can be the simple solution you are looking for.


Chipped paint: Though peeling paint can make a window look as though it needs to be replaced, it can easily be transformed with a simple paint job. Some wooden windows require staining, which in addition to providing a pleasing aesthetic, also help in sealing out the harsh elements.


Minor hardware issues: Some hardware issues can be fixed by almost anyone. Determining the problem part and finding what you need at the local hardware store is an easy task, and can save you money on replacing a perfectly good window. 


It is important that you inspect and maintain your windows regularly. Whether they need to be repaired or replaced, you should make taking proper care of your windows a priority.


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Carl To
in the last week
Alex and the team at north shield were amazing. Great customer service, along with a great team of installers. North shield replaced my 2 front living room windows in 1 day. They even took away my awning! Highly recommended
Emma Liiv
3 weeks ago
Jim gave us a great price, and I was also very happy with the installation team. Great workmanship, product, hey we’re friendly and clean. I am left feeling good about the company we chose to do our windows. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending them.
Darrell Karen
a month ago
Andy and his crew installed the windows as agreed and were extremely pleasant. The cleanup was exceptional. They arrived on time. I would recommend North Shield to anyone looking for new windows. The service was incredible, The pricing was very good. The sales person Jim Scammel was very informative and knowledgeable. We had quotes from five (5) companies and feel good with our decision. The overall product was exceptional, but Andy was the STAR!!!! We did 17 windows and a door, so this was an important decision to our family.
Monique Vandale
a month ago
We love our new windows. It was a challenging job for the guys as we are on the second floor of a condo but they were very professional and up to the task. Windows look great inside and out.
Renee L.
3 months ago
We had our windows installed last summer and absolutely love them - especially the large kitchen window. Our sales rep Jim S. was terrific and knowledgeable. The installers did a professional, skilled job of installing our windows. And the windows themselves are high quality, easy to open and easy to clean - as well as reasonably priced. We are very happy with our entire experience with this company and highly recommend them. Thank you!
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