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Windows Sweat and Condensation - What Should You Do?

Discovering water droplets forming on your window panes isn’t uncommon, especially for Canadian enduring such harsh winter climates. The extreme low temperatures cool the glass, which in turn cools the air that comes into contact with it, creating condensation. The fogged glass caused by these water droplets looks unappealing, and can induce the formation of harmful moulds. Take care of sweating windows as soon as possible, to avoid an uncomfortable, unhealthy home.

Ventilation is Key

Poor ventilation in your home can make condensation worse, and the formation of mould escalate quicker. Opening your windows from time to time can help move stale air out, and bring fresh air into your home. However, in doing this you waste heat and money. If your windows have gaps or leaks, chances are they are providing a source of ventilation by allowing the free passage of air from outside to inside.It is wise to seal these leaks, and seek ventilation elsewhere, in order to retain heat in your home and save you money.

Heat recovery ventilation systems (HRVs) are a great condensation-combating solution in cold Canadian climates. They reduce moisture build up by transferring stale air out of your house, and bringing fresh air into your house. Furthermore, HRV stake the heat from the stale, indoor air, and transfers it to the fresh, outdoor air. This helps in regulating the temperatures in your home, keeping it warm and comfortable in the wintertime.

Dealing With Mould

Water droplets on your windows will fester along the edges, and could lead to the formation of harmful moulds. This is not only an unsightly mess, but also a prominent health risk for your family. Mould should be cleaned as soon as it is discovered, and measures should be taken to prevent its formation in the future. To avoid future outbreaks, take care of your mould problem with a fungicide, and keep your windows dry.

Dry windows and increased ventilation will keep window-sweat under control,and ensure a healthy home for you and your family.


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Chris Cornell
3 weeks ago
Great work. Outstanding results. Would recommend. The best skilled installers in the industry. With the best reviews. The only call I will make in the future, will be to northshield!
Eugene Rabinovich
2 months ago
This the second time I used Northshield. They replaced five windows and two doors. Work was done efficiently and accurately. Would recommend it to all my friends and family.
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7 months ago
Northshield replaced 9 windows in our house. Our only complaint would be that the colour doesn't really match the sample we were shown. The woman we first encountered in the showroom was pleasant and helpful. There are only so many things she could tell us in the showroom but it was enough to convince us to book an appointment with a salesman. Walter, the fellow who came to our house, wasn't really a salesman at all and yet he knew exactly what he was doing. Answered all of our questions, clearly knew his business inside and out, was patient with us, made some really helpful suggestions, and just generally made us feel confident and comfortable. Next came Vladimir. He came to do the final measurements and to verify the details of each window. Another very very knowledgeable guy. Clearly an expert in his field and yet friendly and patient with us. The team of men who came to do the install were all very much polite and professional. Their workmanship is first rate. In the end, what I know is this, the new windows are in, the drafts and rattles from the old ones are gone, the price was fine, the quality is A1, and every single individual along our journey was a genuine pleasure to work with.
Moumin Makki
a month ago
Great business to deal with. No complaints. Thank you.
Maxine Lewis
in the last week
Very professional people. I'm very pleased with the service that was provided.
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