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Everything You Need to Know About Windows When Buying a New Home

When it comes to buying a new home, you certainly want to consider all its features. That should include the windows. After all, a new home is a pretty big investment. You want to ensure you are getting absolutely everything you are paying for. The windows are likely to be one of the first things you think about. If they aren’t, they should be. We are talking about a crucial aspect of your home.


Why Windows Are So Important When Buying a Home


The windows are one of the first things you should look at when you are looking for a new home. It all comes down to the long list of things that we demand from a window. We are talking about each window that makes up the house as a whole. new-windows We demand a window that will keep the cold air inside during the warm months of the year, and keep the warmth inside during the cold ones. We also demand a window that will offer a powerful measure of protection against intruders and other undesirable elements.


We also need windows that are going to look absolutely stunning. If you have windows that don’t add to the curb appeal of your property, then you really aren’t getting the full benefits. Taken as a whole, we are talking about a lot of different demands for just one aspect of a home.

For all of the above reasons, you will want to make sure you are buying the absolute best. If not, you will need to make a decision. You can either look for something that better suits your needs or look into window replacement work with our experts at NorthShield Windows and Doors. Regardless of what you ultimately decide, there are several different things about the window that you are going to want to keep in mind.


A Few Fast Facts About Windows


Think of this article as a good base for determining next steps when it comes to windows. We are going to start by covering the different types of windows that you are likely to come across, as you search for a new home:


• Wood window: Despite metals and synthetics, wood remains a very popular choice for consumers around the world. It isn’t that hard to see why. Wood still offers a plethora of choices, and you still have an excellent product for resisting the outside elements and more. However, you can expect a lot of maintenance work in the long run.wood-windows

• Wood clad window: If you want wood, but you don’t really want the maintenance demands the material comes with, diving deep into your wood clad options is a good idea.

• Vinyl window: Over the years, vinyl has definitely raised its perception in the eyes of homeowners and business owners. Design/formulation improvements have made vinyl a much more appealing, sensible choice in the 21st century. Strength and durability aren’t as good as with other options, but you still have an affordable choice that will last for a few years.

• Fiberglass/composite window: This is where things can get really interesting. If you want to opt for windows that utilize different benefits from many materials and hybrids, this is something you will definitely want to study.


These are the major types/categories you are likely to come across. In terms of glass, you will want to learn more about low-E, tempered, and laminated glass. Each category has different types and possibilities you can consider and different benefits and potential drawbacks to keep in mind.


Do I Need to Replace The Windows When Buying a New Home?


If you decide that the windows just aren’t up to your standards, you have the option of replacement. If the previous owners tell you everything is 10+ years old, or if they can’t recall the last time they had replacements, you will definitely want to explore window replacement with our experts at NorthShield.


Replacing windows can come with a lot of nice benefits. For example, you can save a bundle and reduce your carbon footprint by having each window replaced. You can also enhance the security measures while creating a home that will have a new and improved curb appeal. New windows can also be a great way to shift the style of the home to better reflect your personal tastes.


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Carl To
in the last week
Alex and the team at north shield were amazing. Great customer service, along with a great team of installers. North shield replaced my 2 front living room windows in 1 day. They even took away my awning! Highly recommended
Emma Liiv
4 weeks ago
Jim gave us a great price, and I was also very happy with the installation team. Great workmanship, product, hey we’re friendly and clean. I am left feeling good about the company we chose to do our windows. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending them.
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Andy and his crew installed the windows as agreed and were extremely pleasant. The cleanup was exceptional. They arrived on time. I would recommend North Shield to anyone looking for new windows. The service was incredible, The pricing was very good. The sales person Jim Scammel was very informative and knowledgeable. We had quotes from five (5) companies and feel good with our decision. The overall product was exceptional, but Andy was the STAR!!!! We did 17 windows and a door, so this was an important decision to our family.
Monique Vandale
a month ago
We love our new windows. It was a challenging job for the guys as we are on the second floor of a condo but they were very professional and up to the task. Windows look great inside and out.
Renee L.
3 months ago
We had our windows installed last summer and absolutely love them - especially the large kitchen window. Our sales rep Jim S. was terrific and knowledgeable. The installers did a professional, skilled job of installing our windows. And the windows themselves are high quality, easy to open and easy to clean - as well as reasonably priced. We are very happy with our entire experience with this company and highly recommend them. Thank you!
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