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Let the Light Shine - Natural Light Increases Your Home’s Value

When planning the design of your home, your windows will play a significant role in the decisions you make. When considering all of your options, it's important to understand the valuable role that windows play in any space. By choosing the right windows, you can increase the amount of natural light that enters your home, and thereby also increase the value of your property!

Make your home more spacious:

When you paint a room with dark paint or cover the walls with dark wallpaper, it will make the room appear and feel smaller. The opposite is true for light colors. These rules of contrast also correspond with light and darkness. If a room has plenty of natural light, it will appear larger and more spacious. A dark room can often come across as cramped. By choosing the right window, you can make even the smallest room in your home appear bigger and more versatile.

Health benefits:

It’s no secret that the warmth of the sunlight filtering through your windows is known for being a great mood enhancer, while darkness can have the opposite effect. For families and those working from home, natural light is essential. The brain can use all the help it can get, and natural light can give you just the boost you need. According to the Lighting Research Center in Troy, New York; natural light helps provide visual and mental stimulation. Their research also supports the fact that well-lit homes are more pleasant to live in and therefore more sought-after. There are endless benefits to opening your home to the possibilities of more natural light!

Experienced Buyers:

According to a Display Villages Report by Lonergan Research, second and third-time property buyers truly value the use of natural light in a space. The better the natural lighting throughout the home, the more likely the buyers were to express an interest in that particular property.

The Lighting Research Center also noted that commercial buildings enjoyed fifteen percent in savings on electrical bills by maximizing natural light. If this is true in the commercial sector, it most certainly applies in the residential sector as well. This makes it clear why experienced property buyers and flippers consider natural lighting a priority. When buying a home, the cost of daily living and upkeep is one of the main concerns.

By choosing the right windows, you can turn even the darkest corner of your home into a quaint and creative refuge. NorthShield Windows and Doors offers a full range of windows in various sizes, styles, and colors! We even offer custom shaped windows, making it that much easier to ensure you find a style that suits your needs ! Call us today for more information about getting more light in your home.

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Google Rating
Chris Cornell
3 weeks ago
Great work. Outstanding results. Would recommend. The best skilled installers in the industry. With the best reviews. The only call I will make in the future, will be to northshield!
Eugene Rabinovich
2 months ago
This the second time I used Northshield. They replaced five windows and two doors. Work was done efficiently and accurately. Would recommend it to all my friends and family.
Ross Apperly
7 months ago
Northshield replaced 9 windows in our house. Our only complaint would be that the colour doesn't really match the sample we were shown. The woman we first encountered in the showroom was pleasant and helpful. There are only so many things she could tell us in the showroom but it was enough to convince us to book an appointment with a salesman. Walter, the fellow who came to our house, wasn't really a salesman at all and yet he knew exactly what he was doing. Answered all of our questions, clearly knew his business inside and out, was patient with us, made some really helpful suggestions, and just generally made us feel confident and comfortable. Next came Vladimir. He came to do the final measurements and to verify the details of each window. Another very very knowledgeable guy. Clearly an expert in his field and yet friendly and patient with us. The team of men who came to do the install were all very much polite and professional. Their workmanship is first rate. In the end, what I know is this, the new windows are in, the drafts and rattles from the old ones are gone, the price was fine, the quality is A1, and every single individual along our journey was a genuine pleasure to work with.
Moumin Makki
a month ago
Great business to deal with. No complaints. Thank you.
Maxine Lewis
in the last week
Very professional people. I'm very pleased with the service that was provided.
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