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Windows and Doors Companies: Pioneer Window and Door vs. Ecoline Windows

Review of Pioneer Window and Door


Pioneer Window and Door Mfg. has been in business since 1989. It has been serving Winnipeg and Manitoba ever since its inception. This makes it one of the oldest window and door companies in the province. The company has an A+ rating on BBB and a score of 83% on HomeStars. Pioneer manufactures custom doors and windows. They supply windows and doors directly from their factory. They specialize in glass windows, deemed suitable for the climate in Manitoba. All its doors and windows are Energy Star Certified. In addition to scheduled installation and replacement, the company also offers emergency services, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


pioneer-window-and-door Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. serves residential, commercial and industrial properties. It also specializes in automotive windows and doors. The range of Pioneer’s products includes PVC windows and doors, sunrooms and additions, glazing, commercial doors, storefronts, skylights, glass railings, architectural fixtures, balcony enclosures, equipment and auto glass. The products of Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. have been independently tested and are CMHC certified.


Pioneer deals with all standard styles of doors and windows. It also makes custom doors and windows, specifically designed and manufactured for their reliable energy efficiency. Presently, the company serves Winnipeg, Lockport, Headingley, Selkirk, East St. Paul, West St. Paul and St. Francis Xavier among other areas in and around Manitoba. Homeowners can schedule free site visit and consultation. The estimate is personalized and follows the extensive consultation. All such exercises are non-obligatory for the homeowner.


Review of Ecoline Windows


ecoline-windows Ecoline Windows is one of the younger companies operating in Manitoba. It was founded in 2001 and it primarily serves Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton. It has been operational in the region for almost ten years now, since 2009. Ecoline has a score of 89% on HomeStars and a rating of A+ on BBB. The company specializes in installation and replacement of windows. It primarily deals with vinyl windows and caters to all standard types and styles, including bow, bay and custom shaped windows. Its triple pane slider window is a bestseller. Ecoline windows are manufactured in Ontario. They are Energy Star Rated and CSA Certified.


Ecoline has a 25 years warranty on parts and hardware. Glazing and sealed units also have a similar warranty. Such terms are advertised as lifetime warranty. Ecoline offers a five-year warranty on all its services they have stringent quality control measures to ensure only the finest quality of windows are manufactured and eventually installed. Ecoline does not claim to have an emergency response system and it does not advertise any such services either.


Pioneer Window and Door vs. Ecoline Windows


Both Pioneer and Ecoline deal with energy efficient windows. They have similar warranties. Both companies offer free estimates, after site visit and detailed consultation. Neither of the two companies is particularly pricey but some premium windows can always have substantial price tags. Pioneer would be suitable if homeowners need an emergency response. Ecoline will not be able to respond to urgent requests. In regards to custom shaped windows or any elaborate project, both companies will take due time to have the materials ready to be installed. Pioneer has somewhat of a better track record with its turnaround time but Ecoline is equally known for its durable materials and reliable installations.


Ecoline has a better score on HomeStars, which indicates it has more satisfied customers. Pioneer does not lag very far behind, but there is still a problem with responsiveness when it comes to custom made windows. Both companies have the same excellent rating on Better Business Review. This establishes that neither resorts to any false advertising and that they have been delivering on their promises over the years. Ecoline and Pioneer can work on windows and doors that have a retrofit design, so they can fit in comfortably and without much hassle even if a house is substantially old and has a structure quite different from contemporary architectures.


Ecoline and Pioneer share enough information on their websites, detailing the terms of their warranties and illustrating technicalities that homeowners or commercial property owners should know. Their quotes are always specific to the requirements of a project so there cannot be any generalization. Determining which company is more reasonable or affordable will always remain a subjective issue, influenced by the different variables of an installation or replacement project.

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