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Windows Replacement Selkirk

There are three factors more significant than everything else while deciding on the specifics of windows replacement in Selkirk. Should you simply replace the existing windows with the same type, perhaps identical, or should you consider something different? The second factor is the set of attributes of the type of window you are choosing and how does it stand apart from the other options. The third factor is cost. There are other important variables but if you can make the best decision on the basis of these three factors then you would be content with the outcome.


Planning Windows Replacement in Selkirk?


The compulsion to invest in windows replacement in Selkirk is not really an opportunity but it can be turned into one. If you have really aged windows, reflecting the sensibilities and aesthetics of a bygone era, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you to transform the aesthetics of your home. While you would not be doing anything to the rest of the property with windows replacement in Selkirk, upgrading your windows will have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your house. You are perhaps aware that new windows will also have a direct influence on property valuation. The present market value of your property will get appreciated immediately after our job is done.


Not all upgrades can be perfect. As it was in the good old days of the twentieth century, windows come in a myriad of forms, sizes, designs, styles, materials, colors and purposes. Some windows are more functional than others. Some are more cosmetic and don’t really offer any functional value. Some windows may add a lot of value and be completely operational. It is not just the functionality or the range of operation, because you also need to factor in the way you would use your windows, from the normal opening and closing to cleaning and maintenance. You need to have a list of all the attributes of the type of windows you choose. We will offer you a comparative analysis of your shortlisted options so you can choose the best type of windows replacement in Selkirk.


The cost will always be a decisive element, regardless of how much significance you grant to the two aforementioned factors. Do not prioritize cost over durability. Windows replacement is not something you would consider every now and then. You should not have to worry about new windows for decades, not years. However, this does not imply you should end up spending a small fortune. We can help you with the cost analyses so you can get the best of both the worlds. You would get affordable and durable windows replacement in Selkirk.


Upgrade during Windows Replacement in Selkirk


To give you an idea of the kind of upgrade you might consider, you can choose double glazed windows replacement in Selkirk. This is a no-brainer if you already have double glazed windows. If you don’t, it is an opportunity to go for the necessary upgrade. Whenever you need to repair your windows or replace them, you should consider the pros and cons of all available solutions. You should weigh in the scope of repairs and if the problems would be completely resolved. Else, the only option is windows replacement in Selkirk. Repairs are mostly limited to the window you already have. Other than panes, hinges or some other minor components, you would not be able to usher in a substantial overhaul. It is possible with windows replacement. That is when you should decide if doubled glazed windows would be better for your home compared to other options.


Double glazing would ensure your windows are more efficient at insulating your home. They are also better at noise cancellation. Due to the more elaborate manufacturing process, such windows are subjected to, they are more durable than ordinary or single glazed windows. Double glazing is significant but it is still one of the many components that you would have to look into. We can help you with all such assessments during our consultation so you can make the most informed decision, one that has no equal given your needs and preferences.


Affordable and Reliable Windows Replacement Company in Selkirk


We specialize in all types of windows replacement in Selkirk. We are among the oldest companies but also the most advanced when it comes to our solutions. Our lifetime warranty on windows replacement in Selkirk is unmatched. The lifetime warranty is transferable and it is a testimony to the quality of our windows, be it the materials or designs, the craftsmanship or durability. Give us a call at (204) 272-3725 and we can schedule an appointment at your home whenever it is convenient for you. We offer a completely free site inspection, non-obligatory consultation, and a custom quote.




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Google Rating
Sanjay Tamang
3 months ago
Love our new windows and doors. We had all our windows replaced on the main floor, side door and front door, as well as the storm doors. The installation team was great. They removed the existing awning and were really great at cleaning up after the work. There were a couple of issues after the install, but the after sales service team of Alex and Walter were able to resolve it promptly. Great advice from Walter about keeping the humidity inside the house to maintain the windows, and also how to operate them properly. And thanks very much Alex and team for buying the doorbell and installing it for us, as well as fixing the bottom part of the door frames to cover holes on the flooring. Appreciate all your hard work and for going the extra mile. Will definitely recommend your company to friends, neighbors and family.
Thomas Carlyle
a month ago
NorthShield did an excellent job with our house. They were the lowest price our of 4 companies I contacted for quotes. The windows look beautiful, and the molding is very well done. The installation was very quick, they replaced all of the windows in our house in about 4 hours. They cleaned up everything completely afterwards inside and outside, you can't even tell they were here! Very professional, very high quality installation, materials and work. I would highkly recommend them.
Courtney Schappert
3 months ago
Likely a good company for windows, installers seemed competent. However for doors they seemed to have much less experience. My salesman left the company midway through the process and I wasn't informed, and turns out some miscommunication between him and I led to a product I didn't want. The door is nice, just not what I had thought I ordered, and it took about 4 months to get, so I accepted it. The paint also chipped after they left, which leaves a bad feeling (even though that's more of a manufacturer issue than NorthShield issue). I'm not saying these guys are going to be bad for you, but I'm not thrilled with my result. REPLY December 5, 2018: I had called about the paint chip and wrong door options already at the time and was told there was no recourse for me. The paint chip was there when I came home from work after the door was installed, but you provided a picture the installers took before the paint was chipped, so at that time I was told there was no recourse. The wrong options I was told was due to a salesman who took my order having left the company, and there was no paperwork showing my chosen option (no door handle hole to be cut). I will call again tomorrow and update this with the results of that conversation.
Carl To
5 months ago
Alex and the team at north shield were amazing. Great customer service, along with a great team of installers. North shield replaced my 2 front living room windows in 1 day. They even took away my awning! Highly recommended
4 months ago
Very professional workers that despite finding, no vapor barrier and wood rot on our deck, fixed it right and continued to install our very beautiful door and side light without complaint. I would highly recommend Northshield to any friends, neighbors or anyone else. I am a very Happy, Happy Gal with my beautiful new door!
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